ZoneCore Super Cleanse claims to be a supplement made from 100% natural ingredients that will flush away pounds and detoxify your body. ZoneCore Super Cleanse promises it will boost metabolism as well as flush out all those yucky bacteria they say live in your colon. They insist you will soon feel lighter and stay healthier, thanks to ZoneCore Super Cleanse!

The ZoneCore Super Cleanse Pitch

ZoneCore Super Cleanse uses a tried-and-true formula to get you to buy their supplement: pictures of skinny models, some “research,” and a limited offer they say won’t last (they also throw in a little bit of the fear factor).

First, as it says in the fine print “Images [on the website] are dramatizations,” meaning they are stock photos or models and they have no real connection with ZoneCore Super Cleanse.

Next, it says “research has shown that your colon has parasites… impacted with mucus that prevents nutrients… from being absorbed.” This is the part that is supposed to scare and/or gross you out. However, as Science Based Pharmacy, a website that claims to be devoted to separating fact from fiction about medicine states mucus buildup and toxic sludge “simply do not exist. It’s a made-up idea to sell detoxification treatments… There isn’t a single case that’s been documented in the medical literature. Not one.”

Finally, they urge you to hurry because the trial is limited to 250 bottles per day. This is a popular marketing gimmick to make you act impulsively because you might miss out on a bargain. The truth is, there’s plenty on stock and the bargain won’t go away.  

ZoneCore Super Cleanse Costs…

Once they’ve got your name and address (for future soliciting) they take you to a page that says your trial bottle is APPROVED! They say you can get a 30-day supply for $6.95 in shipping.

BUT – if you visit their lengthy Terms and Conditions page, it explains in more detail what happens. This trial period is only 14 days from date of order, not when you receive it. They state it usually takes 2-4 days to receive your shipment but they can’t guarantee it arrives within that time, so you will likely have a very limited window to try it out. (And it’s not going to work, but we’ll get to that in a bit.)

After this 14-day window, you will be charged at least $79.91 and enrolled in a sneaky auto-ship program where you are shipped new bottles and charged $79.91 until you call and cancel. We say “at least” because it says you are shipped 2 bottles of ZoneCore Super Cleanse. Also, there is a Negative Option Clause, which allows them to automatically deduct payments they think you may owe.

As far as refunds go, they state aside from unauthorized transactions, they are “issued at the discretion of the company.” They add: “We will only consider refunding the most recent transaction and never multiple months.” Finally, they add a $9.95 “restocking fee” to any returns that they do happen to accept.

Bottom Line: Is ZoneCore Super Cleanse a “Super” Way to Detox?


Why do we say this? First of all, the labyrinth-like terms and conditions should alert you to the fact that you will potentially owe them a lot of money and be unable to return the product. They could also use your personal information to spam you with other products, thanks to their evil privacy policy

Second of all: detoxing is a myth. An organization called Sense About Science has produced a handy pamphlet called “Debunking Detox” describes how the liver, kidneys, intestines, and even skin work together to keep our bodies pure and healthy. There is no medical evidence a supplement like ZoneCore Super Cleanse can really “cleanse” the body.

The good news is, if you are feeling “toxic,” there are ways to make you feel better and healthier without any supplement. According to Arrosti Rehab Centers in their article called “Debunking the Detox Myth” (notice a pattern here?):

  1. Skip added sugars
  2. Get rid of fried or processed foods
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Don’t skip meals

We’ll throw in: Don’t buy detox supplements!

Let us know what your experience with ZoneCore Super Cleanse below!