Zip Knee, sold by Telebrands, is a compression bandage that they promise will instantly relieve pain, increase circulation, and reduce swelling. The thing that they say sets Zip Knee apart from other knee sleeves is the zipper that allows you to put it on or take it off without a struggle. When wearing it, they promise you can go back to gardening or other activities, minus the “ow!”

How Zip Knee Works

Zip Knee comes in 2 sizes and is made with neoprene, a popular synthetic rubber used in many compression sleeves. To use it, they instruct you to wear over the afflicted knee and pull up the zipper. They claim the gentle pressure increases blood flow and reduce swelling. (However, it should be noted, that in spite of what the commercial says, Zip Knee is not a knee brace, which is a sturdier device for more serious injuries.)

Zip Knee Costs:

$16.99 for one Zip Knee ($10 plus $6.99 in S&H). At time of order, you may add an additional Zip Knee for $6.99 more in fees. Zip Knee has a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is only for the initial $10. In addition, you must include with your return a written explanation as to why you are returning it or they could nix your request.

Bottom Line: Is Zip Knee a Scam?

Compression wear like Zip Knee has been shown to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and generally make people feel better when wearing them; however some of this benefit may be psychological. Still, if you are having minor knee problems and you are elderly Zip Knee may help with mobility and the zipper seems to make it easier to put on. However, if it’s too loose or too tight there is no way to fine-tune the sizing.

Again, it should be noted that Zip Knee is not a substitute for a knee brace; if you are having serious problems with your joints, consult your doctor.

We also feel we should mention that Telebrands, the company behind Zip Knee, has had a spate of trouble recently. Their BBB rating plunged from an A- to an F and in August 2014 they were sued by the State of New Jersey for aggressive upsell techniques. Amongst the claims of the lawsuit is that it is difficult to reach a live operator and the automated telephone checkout process can take up to a half hour. Telebrands denies these charges and says customer satisfaction is their “top priority.”

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