Zip Bundler Strapping System from Tri-Star Products is a plastic strapping device that claims it will organize, bind, secure or repair any object no matter its size. They state Zip Bundler is easy to use and is great for child-proofing, household repairs, or bundling anything together in just seconds.

How does Zip Bundler Strapping System work to tie together my stuff?

Zip Bundler is a red handheld dispenser that holds a thin strip of nylon as well as end fasteners. If you’re familiar with an ordinary zip tie, Zip Bundler Strapping System says it’s a similar concept, except it has an Endless Strapping System that will adjust to the size what you need tied.

To use Zip Bundler, they instruct you to wrap the object or objects with the strip, pull it tight, and pull the trigger to release the fastener and cut the tie. They tout that the nylon strips are heavy enough to hold cinder blocks and there are no jagged edges.

Zip Bundler Strapping System is said to have hundreds of uses around the house: closing up boxes, untangling computer wires, organizing magazines or holiday lights, closing trash bags, and keeping your cabinets kid-proof.

Outside, they state you can use it to bundle firewood, on plant stems in the garden, or to wrap up hoses. They add it’s great for handymen and DIY’ers and auto mechanics love Zip Bundler to help them secure wires and hoses in the car.

How much does Zip Bundler Strapping System cost me?

Zip Bundler sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one Zip Bundler you get another; however, the fine print notes that you must pay $6.99 in shipping/handling for both Zip Bundlers, making the true total $33.97. (You can also choose to buy just one Zip Bundler Strapping System for $26.98.) Each Zip Bundler comes with 50’ of line and 100 fasteners.

Is there a money back guarantee for Zip Bundler?

Yes. Tri-Star Products offers a 60-day money back guarantee for Zip Bundler Strapping System, but this is minus any of the shipping and handling fees and what it costs you to ship it back to them.

Tri-Star Products telephone number for Zip Bundler: 973-287-5166.

Bottom Line: is Zip Bundler Strapping System a good way to organize and tie together my life?

Possibly yes. But there are a few things we’d like to point out: first is the pesky shipping and handling fees (at least $6.99) that are non-refundable. This means Zip Bundler will cost you some money even if you return it.

Zip Bundler Strapping System may be more beneficial for certain larger tie-down jobs due to its Endless Strapping System. We found a few other zip tie guns in the marketplace, many that work by feeding in individual zip ties. The closest comparison would be the Gardner Bender Cable Tie Tensioning Tool, which has a 4-star average on Amazon.

While many people tout the fact that the Gardener Bender is good for small jobs around the house, others complain that it is made of plastic and not as heavy duty as other (more expensive) zip tie guns.

We also don’t know what size nylon strap Zip Bundler Strapping System takes (for example the Gardner Bender says it holds ties that can handle to 75 lbs). We called customer service and they didn’t have any information about Zip Bundler or where you can get refill spools.

Therefore, we suggest proceeding with caution. Wait at least until Zip Bundler Strapping System is available at your favorite retail outlet (Target, Walmart, etc.) where it will likely be on sale soon, minus the shipping fees and the long wait for it to arrive.

Take a close look and see if it’s heavy duty enough for repeat uses. We’d also suggest calling customer service at the number provided above and ask if they have any more information about where to get a refill of the strap spools. If all looks good, buy Zip Bundler and start strapping!

And let us know your experience with Zip Bundler Strapping System below!

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