Z Band from Telebrands is a piece of headgear you wear at night that they promise will stop your snoring. Z Band says it’s comfortable, lightweight, and will move your jaw forward and clear your passageway so you and your loved ones can get a full night’s sleep.

How does Z Band work to stop snoring?

Z Band is said to be an elastic strap that fits around your head from crown to chin, with a couple of strategically placed holes for your ears; they promise it is lightweight, fits snugly, and is ultra-comfortable.

Z Band says it uses “simple sleep science” to stop you from snoring: by wearing it around your face, they claim it gently moves your jaw forward, thereby opening your air passageway. This will then prevent the roof of your mouth from vibrating, which is the cause of that unpleasant sound.

They insist Z Band is better than uncomfortable mouthpieces and that you won’t even know its there, resulting in a more peaceful night’s sleep.

What does Z Band cost for me to try it?

Telebrands is offering Z Band for $19.99, which they state includes free shipping. They also tout a “30 quiet nights” guarantee, which basically means you have 30 days to try Z Band Out. If it doesn’t let you and/or your partner get more shut-eye, you can return it for your $19.99 back. However, it should be noted that Telebrands’ return policy states you must include a written explanation with your return as to why you are sending Z Band back or they could refuse the request.

Z Band customer service can be reached by calling: 855-668-1655

Bottom Line: Is Z Band a good way to eliminate snoring?

Maybe. We do appreciate the free shipping on this Telebrands product, which means if you do return it you will get all your money back except what it costs to send it back, at least in theory. (Telebrands still has a bad reputation with the BBB but did settle its lawsuit with the state of New Jersey).

Generally speaking, the “simple sleep science” Z Band uses to reduce snoring by opening your air passage is correct. While a chin strap may be more comfortable for some than wearing a mouthpiece which would do a similar thing, the other anti-snoring straps we’ve seen get middling reviews from customers, with some loving them and some saying they do nothing at all.

If you snore through your nose or with your mouth closed, a strap like Z Band will do you no good. And if you have blockage in your nasal passage it should be avoided at all costs. We should also caution you to not use this device if you have sleep apnea unless you are also using a CPAP machine.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition where the person stops breathing momentarily during the night and awakes gasping for air. A CPAP machine is a mask that is worn, in addition to the chin strap, to force air into the lungs. If you do snore, it is advised to talk to your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have sleep apnea and get their professional opinion.

Therefore we give a cautious “recommend” to Z Band for those reasons, but we also suggest a couple of other things. First, wait until Z Band is available at your local retailer – a trade secret Telebrands doesn’t want you to know is that 90% of its sales are through stores like Walgreens or Target. There will be no long shipping times and the price is usually discounted from the one shown on TV, leading to an “impulse buy”.

If Z Band doesn’t work to cure your snoring, returns are much easier, too.

How to stop snoring

For those that don’t find these types of chin straps comfortable or effective, there are other remedies. Anti-snore mouth guards do tend to work for many people, in one study tolerated by 86% of patients. A man named Robert Bates has devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to personally trying and reviewing anti-snoring devices on his website and has come to similar conclusions. His personal recommendation is the mouth piece Good Morning Snore Solution, but he has a list of others he likes too. These aren’t cheap at around $100, but if they help, it’s probably priceless.

If you don’t like straps or mouthpieces, we personally can recommend Snore Stop Snore Extinguisher, which has been effective for us. It does retail for $19.99 per bottle, which can add up over time.

And finally, we’ll give you a few methods that are completely free.

Number one is: lose some weight! The extra pounds around your face and neck put strain on your breathing mechanisms.

Number two: stop smoking! If you are a smoker, you are more likely to snore.

Number three: don’t drink alcohol too close to beddie-bye. This is because alcohol relaxes our muscles even more than normal and drinkers are 4 times more likely to snore.

Number four: sleep on your side. When you lie on your back, your windpipe and tongue are more likely to fall back and cause those pesky vibrations. To help with the adjustment, some people resort to taping tennis balls to the back of their pajamas.

Yes, these suggestions may involve some lifestyle changes, but the results of a better night’s rest, clearer lungs, healthier body weight, and happier spouse/partner are better for you in the long run.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Z Band. Let us know your experience below!