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Sensa-light Technology

Mar 5, 2015 | | Forest, VA

Sensa-light Technology is that when you place the Finishing Touch to your skin the light comes on allowing the product to eliminate hair with the groomer. My daughters love the product because there are no nicks or bumps. I believe the product is over priced.

Yes hair removal system

Mar 1, 2015 | | Kansas City

This product removes hair very nicely; however, it is back the very next day and comes back as very black hairs. I believe it is just a shaver with a light on it to make it seem as though the hair is removed by light pulsation. I would not recommend it as I believe it is false advertising because they lead you to believe it is permanent hair removal or that hair will not come back for weeks. I purchased this product at Walmart and will be returning it today.


Feb 22, 2015 | | Bear, DE

Is this a joke or what? Did not work at all for me. Tried several areas and different hair types. Removed absolutely nothing. Hoping money-back guarantee is legitimate. I can honestly say this is the worst product I have ever purchased. Would give 0 stars if that were a choice!

Yes Finishing Touch

Feb 3, 2015 | | Pennsylvania

Don't waste your money! The Sensa-light technology is simply a light to let you know that the unit is on. This is nothing but a razor that cuts coarse hair with difficulty. You can buy a similar device at your local Drug Store for $10.00. Buy a pack of disposable razors. It would be much cheaper!

I Want To Believe In This "yes" But So Far, Not So Much.

Dec 3, 2014 | | Litchfield AZ

I have hair like small pieces of wire. My hair follicles are thick and the no-no couldn't handle them. I thought this small unit might do the trick. It doesn't give me a close shave and that's what i feel I'm doing when i use it. I thought the blue light was suppose to do something to the roots but they still come back. I haven't had the "yes" very long and I plan on giving it a little more time to make sure i'm using it right. I'm not sure if I would recommend it to a friend yet or not. Only time will tell.

Don't buy it.

Nov 23, 2014 |

This is a scam, it's nothing except a bad cheap razor. Doesn't even give you a close shave and takes four times longer than anything else. Sensa light technology is a joke, it doesn't do anything. Don't waste your time of money, check out other reviews, it is a piece of junk.

It takes a little time to use it, but works great

Oct 29, 2014 | | Las Vegas NV

I don't know what sensa-light is, or what it does, but as far as the finishing touch is concerned it works very well. It takes time to use it, but you can't feel it. No burn, cuts, or bumps. I used it to shave my head, for the first time no cuts or burning.

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