Yes! by Finishing Touch is the latest in a recent slew of painless follicle removal products unleashed to the (hairy) masses. This claims to use patented “Sensa-Light Technology” to instantly remove unwanted hair thick or thin from anywhere on the body without painful plucking, waxing, shaving, or lasers.

Yes! by Finishing Touch is sold by Idea Village, a marketing company with products and service so crappy they get a D from the BBB. Boo! (PS there is no company called Finishing Touch.)

The Yes! By Finishing Touch Pitch

Yes! seems to be named after the exclamation women shout after learning they can exfoliate their body easily and pain-free (or maybe they are trying to confuse you with NoNo Pro, a similar, more expensive product sold by another company.) It looks like a shaving device you might see in Star Trek – a beam of light is emitted from the end that allegedly removes the hairs as you follow the contours of your epidermis.

What Is “Sensa-Light Technology”?

We don’t know and they won’t say! (The NoNo Pro says it uses a a thermodynamic wire to transmit heat and crystallize hair, but Yes! is mum about its method.)

The “Triple Guarantee Satisfaction”

Yes! by Finishing Touch has a fancy emblem embossed on its ad which reads “Triple Guarantee Satisfaction”. Yes! has a 60-day guarantee, which they also refer to as a “risk free trial”, that includes full purchase price, your initial S&H, and they will pay for you to ship it back – perhaps that’s what they mean by “triple”.

You Get:

  • Yes! by Finishing Touch
  • Carrying bag

Batteries Not Included

The language on the website is contradictory. The photo indicates that batteries are not included, yet elsewhere it says that it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and charger. A call to customer service explained that the battery and charger are only included with the Deluxe model. Not only is there no mention of a Deluxe model on the website, there seemed to be no other way to order it unless you call.

What it Costs:

$39.99 plus $7.99 = $47.98. (Customer service indicated the Deluxe is “around $60 plus shipping” but provided no further specifics.)

Bottom Line: Is Yes! By Finishing Touch a Scam?

There’s a lot we don’t know about this product even after our research. We don’t understand how it works or what it really costs. (One irate customer complained on a website that the regular Yes! by Finishing Touch is useless without the battery or charger.)

This seems to us to be a ploy to get you into a more expensive model, the existence of which is introduced when you call customer service to complain about your order. We suggest saying “no” to Yes!