Xtreme Power Belt from Smart Products Corp. is a compression-type belt that promises to not only make you look 2 sizes slimmer instantly but also increase sweating, improve posture, and push your abs into an hourglass shape. They claim you can wear Xtreme Power Belt while working out or even around the house; wherever you wear it they insist you’ll be sweating away the pounds.

How Xtreme Power Belt Works

Xtreme Power Belt appears to be an adjustable orange belt that lets you cinch your waist smaller. In the olden days they used to call them corsets but even since Kim Kardashian put one on they’re sometimes called “waist trainers.”

Xtreme Power Belt claims it uses dual action compression to help you suck in your gut as well as give you lower back support. They state you can wear Xtreme Power Belt over or under your clothes while working out or relaxing. If you wear it under, they claim you will instantly look slimmer and stand straighter. They claim whatever you are doing with the Xtreme Power Belt around your waist you will be sweating more, which they say will help you lose weight. 

Xtreme Power Belt Cost:

$89, which includes free shipping and 2 Thermo Xtreme Osmotic Rolls, a wrap you can put under your Xtreme Power Belt to cause even more sweating.

Xtreme Power Belt comes with a 15-day money back guarantee, minus any shipping charges.

Bottom Line: Is Xtreme Power Belt a Good Idea?

We don’t doubt that Xtreme Power Belt will cinch in your waist an inch or 2 and Smart Products Corp. has an A- from the BBB. But there are a few important things we’d like to tell you.

First, in spite of what Ms. Kardashian-West does, wearing a constricting belt while working out is not a good idea and possibly dangerous. These belts can make it difficult to breathe and/or bruise ribs or organs if too tight. Quite simply, you cannot “train” your waist to be thinner.

Secondly, spot-reduction is a myth. You can’t focus on losing weight in one part of the body – weight loss occurs gradually all over. While you may indeed sweat more if you wear Xtreme Power Belt (especially if you put the osmotic wrap under) this does not indicate you are burning any more calories. Consumer Reports did a test of a similar product called the Belly Burner and found increased sweating did not make any difference in joggers’ metabolic rate while wearing the device.

Third, wearing a belt while lifting weights can potentially cause more injury. This is because the feeling of support can give a false sense of security making you feel like Superman (or Superwoman). Some studies have shown wearing a back brace for long periods can even weaken the abdominal muscles. 

So, if you are interested in Xtreme Power Belt we recommend only wearing it for a couple hours at a time under your dress (at a cocktail party, for example). If it makes you stand up straight and give you confidence, that’s fine.

Wearing Xtreme Power Belt for longer periods of time, especially while exercising is not recommended. 

If you experience any difficulty breathing or discomfort, remove it immediately. You may also want to talk to your doctor about a proper diet and exercise plan.

Let us know your experience with Xtreme Power Belt below!

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