Xhose Pro Extreme from DAP is the third compact hose from inventor Michael Berardi that promises to give you a powerful, durable, yet collapsible hose that you can use with ease around your yard. Xhose Pro Extreme promises this design addresses all the flaws in the previous Xhoses and won’t leak or explode in your face.

What’s the deal with all these different Xhoses?

Xhose is said to be invented by New Jersey resident Michael Berardi, a professional songwriter credited with Alabama’s first single, and an inventor. His biggest product to date is the Xhose, which he states is the first compact garden hose to use both an inner expandable hose and outer fabric webbing to expand and contract. Berarid boasts that the Xhose has grossed over 1.2 billion dollars.

But it hasn’t all been rosy for Mr. Berardi. While he successfully defended his patent in Australia against rival product the Pocket Hose, he is facing a class action lawsuit against both the Xhose and the Xhose Pro lead by Cynthia Finnk, who says the promise that these are non-kinking lightweight collapsible hoses is deceptive and dangerous. Ms. Finnk claims she bought 2 Xhose Pros, both which exploded and was given 8 more in exchange, all of which exploded after short use.

And now, perhaps listening to customer complaints (or trying to avoid another lawsuit)… comes the Xhose Pro EXTREME!

What’s so great about Xhose Pro Extreme?

Xhose Pro Extreme promises this time they’ve got the expanding/contracting hose idea right. Xhose Pro Extreme promises:

  • Better interior tubing. They state they worked with one of the leading compound manufacturers to create to custom formulate the inner tube. (They don’t say who this is.)
  • They promise they have used a new method to connect this tube to the fittings using hydraulic pressure and covered it in a patent-pending stabilizer collar to prevent leaks.
  • Thicker exterior webbing (they don’t say how much thicker).
  • It’s been pressure tested up to 350 PSI (Xhose Pro was rated at 250 PSI)
  • It has brass fittings that are crush resistant

However, with the exception of the stabilizer collar, these features and claims are very similar to the Xhose Pro.

What does the Xhose Pro Extreme cost?

Xhose Pro Extreme has a buy one get one offer for all its sizes BUT they charge an additional shipping fee for the second Xhose Pro Extreme.

  • (2) 25’ Xhose Pro Extremes cost $29.95 plus $8.95 per hose = $47.85
  • (2) 50’ Xhose Pro Extremes cost $49.95 plus $9.95 per hose = $69.85
  • (2) 75’ Xhose Pro Extremes cost $69.95 plus $10.95 per hose = $91.85

(You can also order just one XHose Pro Extreme at a time for just one S&H fee.)

Xhose Pro Extreme Refund Information

Xhose Pro Extreme customer service for web orders: 800-554-5925

National Express phone number (they sell the XHose Pro Extreme): (203) 852-0024

Xhose Pro Extreme comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, but this is minus any shipping fees and what it will cost you to ship them back. (FYI, Xhoses used to have a Lifetime Warranty).

Bottom Line: Is Xhose Pro Extreme a good compact garden hose?

There’s no doubt that the Xhose and Xhose Pro are million selling products that have launched a thousand knock-offs. There’s also no doubt that many people are angry about how the Xhose has leaked, burst, popped, or let them down.

We’ll try to clear the air about the Xhose so that you can make an informed decision.

First, remember this is an “As Seen On TV” product, which generally tend to overstate their claims.

Also, while the Xhose Pro receives overwhelmingly negative reviews as we’ve mentioned, the most helpful positive reviews on Amazon note that many of the 1-star reviews are not verified purchases. (Could they be shills for a rival hose or have bought a knockoff?)

Positive reviewers suggest that if you do not abuse the Xhose, meaning you use it for gardening or washing the driveway and drain and store it properly it will work great. Those that have small spaces to use and hide hoses like condos or yachts state they work great for those purposes.

Still, the noise from the negatives are too loud to completely dismiss. In fact, the Xhose Pro Extreme already has a 2-star rating from a customer who just bought it… then again this is another unverified purchase.

Therefore, if you do decide to give Mr. Berardi another chance, be sure to follow all the instructions and not expect it to perform as good as a traditional Goodyear Rubber Hose or other heavy-duty hose.

(You might also want to wear a facemask or goggles while using it.)

Let us know your experience with Xhose Pro Extreme below!