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Sad and Useless toy

Jul 14, 2014 | | Royal Oak, MI

Like everyone else here, I had little to no success with the inflation process. The blue ball was hell to inflate and leaks air at the valve (just add a drop of water and watch the bubbles. The red one holds air a bit better. $40 for two is a horrible rip-off. The battery powered pump is next to useless (I had to "blow" into it to help it out). I used an air-mattress pump and that worked better, if only the bubble would hold air. I too, tried to tape the opening to slow the leak. Not much success there but the tape residue made a big mess. I'm out the money I would not try their warranty and get ripped off even more.


Jul 6, 2014 | | Texas

The Wubble was fun for one evening and then we woke to flat Wubbles. They are leaking air and have holes. Not sure how the holes got in them because we only played with them inside and on carpet.

Defective balls

Jul 6, 2014 | | Spokane, WA

After waiting 2+ months for the $58.00 worth of Wubble Balls, we got three defective balls. The kids were just throwing the balls back and forth in a grassy yard and the blue ball popped. A chunk of the ball came out and it was done. The red ball won't hold air at all and has several clear, weak spots in it.

The purple ball has many of the same weak looking spots but so far is holding air, although I will be surprised if that is the case in the morning. We had them all of 2 hours when this happened.

I will contact the company Monday morning and hopefully they will stand behind the product.The balls were very difficult to get blown up.

If you can inflate it, you are set, for a while.

Jul 5, 2014 | | Avon Lake, OH

Bought two of these sets, one with the pump and one without (Target does sell both). It is just an air mattress pump with a special tip. I suppose you could use one if you had it. Neither of the balls had a functional hole for inflation. We tried and tried per the directions, but nothing.

Then, I went online because I didn't want to pop them. Seems about 90% of these have this problem and the solution is to just create a hole with the tweezers-like thing they give you. I tried, and tried carefully, with two people to make sure it didn't go through. nothing. Then all the way through, like a bad Capri-Sun experience the tweezers went right through to the other side. Dang it.

Opened the other, which we bought for $12.99 (no pump). Again, no hole, so I was more careful (which I didn't think was possible) and then TEAR right by the valve.

It's OK, you say, it has a warranty. It does. You pay to ship it to the company with a proper size pre-labeled package, which you also pay postage on, AND you send them $6.99 to process. All told, you'll pay about $16 in postage and fees to replace that $12.99 Wubble Ball for free.

Wow. I was finished. Going to try and return it to Target, but I am not hopeful. This is total garbage. Birthday party ruined.

Wubble Scammers!

Jul 5, 2014 | | Florida

Well, after all the nonsense of trying to locate this product, we finally found it. No real issues inflating, but the ball deflates in a few hours! First they hype your kids up with commercials, then can't produce the product. Then when they do, they try to rip you off by forcing you to buy 2, with ridiculous shipping fees! They know exactly what they are doing. All they care about is the money, so don't give them any!

Little trouble at first

Jul 4, 2014 | | Orlando Fla

We had some trouble inflating it at first; it seems like a common problem. The hole is either not there or , as ours was, very small. After the pump was inserted, I pressed against the end (through the opposite side) to open the valve more, then it filled up quickly.

Really disappointing

Jul 3, 2014 | | Birmingham, MI

I was so excited to get this Wubble Bubble ball. We got it at Target then went home to soon realize that we didn't have any D batteries. I had to wait another whole hour to get the batteries while my mom was out. Anxiously I waited and when she got home with batteries and after I put them in, to my HUGE disappointment, the Bubble wouldn't inflate. I was so frustrated that I stayed up till 10:00pm trying to fix it. (We got it at 8:00pm). Other reviews say this works, I wish mine ended up like that.

Lasted 4 hours

Jul 2, 2014 | | Dublin, OH

We purchased the Wubble Bubble ball at 2pm and by 6pm the fun was over. The ball popped. Okay, so maybe it landed on something sharp, unlikely in the large grassy area in our front yard, but when our neighbors ball, which was less than 24 hours old popped as well I became VERY skeptical. The nozzle adapter is difficult to get in the valve. Once in, the ball inflates quickly. The pump is not necessary if you have a pump with adapters. I would have felt much better about this purchase had I spent 12.99, the price that is listed for the ball on Toys R Us site without the pump. Unfortunately, Target does not sell the ball without the pump so we paid the 19.99. We are sending for our replacement today. Will let you know how long it lasts. My daughter is one disappointed girl.

Wubble Bubble - a bust

Jun 29, 2014 | | Birmingham, Michigan

We bought 2 for a 4th of July party since our daughter loved the one at camp that the camp counselors let them play with. After several adults couldn't get the 1st one to inflate using the pump (15 minutes), we realized that there was a defect and an air entrance hole in the valve area was never made. We tried to carefully puncture a tiny hole. It worked and then inflated in about 2 1/2 minutes - but we had to use duct tape to then keep the air in. It held air for about 3 hours then slowly deflated.

The 2nd one also did NOT inflate. Again no hole for the air pump to pump the air in at the valve. This time we accidentally punctured the ball when we made the hole. Would NOT recommend as we are out $40 and only have one useless battery operated air pump left the day after the party. A very expensive balloon ball.

Thankful our kids were so understanding during the whole frustrating process.

The Wubble Ball is really fun.

Jun 25, 2014 | | New York, NY

I was able to locate the Wubble Ball at a Target store over the weekend. Actually, I got my hands on three sets. The Wubble Bubble Ball pretty much played exactly like it did in the commercial. It took a few minutes to blow up just like it was supposed to.

It really looks like a bubble and is really light so you can kick it or throw it at someone as hard as you want - which my kids were happy to do when aiming for their mom lol. The material seems to be thin but I believe after playing with it with my kids that that's how it can do what it does - wobble and jiggle. We played in a big backyard. Because it's thin, I probably wouldn't recommend that kids play with it near trees with sharp branches or sharp objects as I could see that would likely pop it.

I think a really big open area would be the best place to play with it where this wouldn't be a problem. Anyway, my kids pretty much played with it all day Sunday. It starts out clear but as you play with it, it turned into a ball that almost looked metallic - which I though was really neat. Anyway, I hope this helps. I would definitely recommend this. Big thumbs up form the Cosgrove family!

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