Wubble Bubble Ball is a kid’s toy that looks like a giant translucent bubble. But instead of floating away and popping, they claim the Wubble will provide hours of fun and is so strong you can even sit on it!

The Wubble Bubble Pitch

“Is it a ball? Is it a bubble? No, it’s a Wubble!” exclaims the Wubble Bubble website. They claim it moves and plays like a bubble but won’t pop. And if it does accidentally burst, they promise a “lifetime replacement guarantee” (but of course there is some fine print).

What’s Wubble Bubble Made Of?

According to the “About” page, “it’s made from “top-secret super-thermo-stretch-tacular stuff.” They go on to elaborate by saying it’s a specially engineered synthetic rubber that contains no PVCs, latex, BPAs, pthalates (a plastics hardener), or other “yucky stuff.” They claim it’s patented in the US (and pending worldwide) and meets and/or exceeds US and European safety standards; however, they caution to not let children under 3 play with Wubbles. They say the inner surface will feel oily if popped and that you should avoid touching it (although they claim it can be washed off with soap and water).

How To Use Wubble Bubble Ball

Wubble Bubble Ball comes deflated with its own battery operated pump (which uses 4 “D” batteries that are not included). To use your Wubble Bubble Ball, use the adaptor to fill with air; remove before it gets to 36 inches – more detailed instructions are included with your purchase. Then they say you can play with your Wubble Bubble Ball indoors or out, at the beach or in the yard, all year round. It will bounce, make funny sounds when you hit it, and it will not pop (unless of course you poke it with something sharp). When playtime is over, they say to deflate your Wubble Bubble Ball for storage and so it lasts longer.

It Costs:

$37.97 for 2 Wubble Bubble Balls. They disguise this fact by listing the price as $19.99 plus $8.99 S&H, but when you order they automatically give you the “Deluxe” package (which is basically a second Wubble Bubble Ball) and charge you another $8.99 in fees. Note: there is no money-back guarantee listed.

Each Wubble Bubble Ball Order includes:

  • Red Wubble ball
  • “Bonus” Blue Wubble Ball
  • Air pump
  • Inflation guide
  • Deflation tool

The “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee” Fine Print

They promise they will replace your Wubble Bubble Ball if it ever pops. But. You must cut out and return the valve and legal copy (presumably printed on the Wubble Bubble Ball) and return it the pre-addressed envelope (you still pay postage) plus $6.99 processing and handling.

Bottom Line: Is Wubble Bubble Ball a Scam?

This looks like an intriguing toy that may give you hours of fun, but there are a few problems we have. First, it seems pretty expensive for what is essentially a giant balloon. Second, we don’t like that there’s no return information, customer service number or email; as of June 2014 the website has several 404-error pages. Also, they say your Wubble Bubble Ball will not ship for 4-6 weeks due to “overwhelming demand.” The company behind Wubble Bubble Ball, NSI International, is the makers of Magic Rocks and Smithsonian Science kits, which have average-to-below average reviews of their products on Amazon (and they have a poor “D” rating from the BBB).

We suggest: at least wait until the “hype” dies down, consumer reviews are available, and the website is fixed before you order your Wubble Bubble Ball.