Wonderflex Pillow is pillow that the manufacturers tout is comfortable and moldable to your favorite sleeping position so you get a good night’s rest. They tout it has torsion-flex rods to keep it in place, it’s covered in a super-soft memory foam blend, and it keeps you cool with CrossMatrix ventilation, which dissipates heat. They add it’s endorsed by the American Sleep Association and claim an independent study proves Wonderflex Pillow provides a more restorative sleep. 

The Wonderflex Pillow Pitch

Wonderflex promises support, coolness, and comfort: key ingredients they claim are essential to getting a good night’s rest. The main differences between Wonderflex and other pillows appear to be its “torsion-flex” rods, which they claim makes it bendable to the shape you desire. Then, it’s covered in a memory foam blend (memory foam is the stuff invented by NASA to keep astronauts comfy); the blend means it’s mixed with cheaper materials. 

They add Wonderflex Pillow has a contour-channel design, which helps to align the spine and CrossMatrix ventilation, aka holes in the solid pillow designed to let heat escape (memory foam is known to retain heat).

Wonderflex Pillow claims an independent study conducted at the Sleep Institute showed a 34% increase in REM sleep, 77% more Stage 3 sleep, and a 48% percent reduction in tossing and turning; however, they don’t give any specific details on the study (for example how it was conducted, how many participants, or were these numbers self-reported) so these results are essentially meaningless.

Wonderflex Pillow promotes it has been endorsed by the American Sleep Association, an organization that claims to promote public awareness of sleep disorders. We could find no specific endorsement on the ASA website; in addition, their endorsement page states endorsements are given in exchange for a fee and that this “endorsement does not suggest, imply, or support the efficacy of any product.” 

Wonderflex Pillow Cost:

$81.90 (listed as 2 “easy” payments of $29.95 plus $14.95 shipping/handling and $6.95 in fees for the “free” travel pillow) for the Standard Size. $101.80 for the Queen Size (2 x $39.95 + $14.95 S&H + $6.95 for travel pillow). The travel pillow is optional on all orders and if you pay at once they’ll include a pillowcase and upgrade you to priority processing.

Wonderflex Pillow offers a 60-day money back guarantee, minus any S&H and what it costs you to send back. It also comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, which they promise to replace the Wonderflex Pillow with another pillow “during the lifetime of the original owner,” provided you show proof of purchase and pay $14.99 in processing.

Bottom Line: Is Wonderflex a “Wonder”ful Pillow?

As Wonderflex Pillow mentions, we spend a third of our life in bed, so it’s important you be very comfortable. In spite of Wonderflex PIlow’s claims that it’s been proven to provide better sleep, we couldn’t find any data to back this up. In fact, memory foam, in spite of being touted by many as a superior material to sleep on, has not been studied adequately and according to WebMD, its benefits are difficult to measure. (Some worry that the chemicals in memory foam can be harmful in the long term.)

As to the Wonderflex Pillow itself, it averages a 4.9 star rating on Amazon from reviewers, but none of these are verified purchases, so it’s hard to tell if these are objective reviews from real customers.

We appreciate the Lifetime Warranty and 60-day money back guarantee, and Wonderflex currently has an A+ from the BBB

With all this in mind, we still think you should research your needs further by reading Snuggle Up With the Perfect Pillow from WebMD and How To Choose the Perfect Pillow from Forbes before deciding on Wonderflex Pillow.

And let us know your experience with Wonderflex Pillow below!