Wonder Wrench is a new “super tool” that touts the ability to tighten or loosen bolts or screws in hard-to-reach places with just one hand. They say it replaces an entire toolkit and includes both regular and metric sockets.

The Wonder Wrench Pitch

Wonder Wrench is primarily aimed at women. Most users in the infomercial are female, and they promise “if you can squeeze a clothespin, you can operate Wonder Wrench!” To prove how strong it is, they show a regular screwdriver and the Wonder Wrench, both hooked up to a gauge that appears to measure pressure. The dial goes up much higher when using the Wonder Wrench, which they say means it has 3x the power of an ordinary wrench.

How Wonder Wrench Works

Wonder Wrench claims its secret is an internal ratchet that allows operation with one hand and is usable in places that would be difficult if not impossible with a regular wrench or screwdriver. To use your Wonder Wrench, choose the appropriate socket or screw bit. Then slide or place over the bolt or screw and start clicking the handle; they claim it will now loosen or tighten easily, even if rusted.

Wonder Wrench Costs:

$32.85 for 2 Wonder Wrench sets. They disguise this by saying it retails for $19.95 plus $7.95 – but WAIT! They automatically include another set “free” but charge an additional $4.95 shipping/handling. Note that you may return your Wonder Wrench Sets within the 30-day guarantee period, but you’ll have to pay to ship it back and they’ll keep the $12.90 in fees.

Each Wonder Wrench Includes Order:

  • Wonder Wrench
  • 5 metric, 4 standard sockets
  • 2 screwdriver bits
  • 3/8 drive socket adaptor
  • Carrying case
  • BOGO (extra S&H)

Bottom Line: Is Wonder Wrench a Scam?

This product does seem to be handy, but we “wonder” about its durability. Since it is an “As Seen On TV” product, in general these tend to disappoint. (The company behind Wonder Wrench, Allstar Products Group, has no BBB information or rating. In fact, the BBB thinks they are out of business.)

Even though they say Wonder Wrench will “last for years” there is no warranty after 30 days (a call to customer service confirmed this). Because of this, we feel it’s on the expensive side and probably won’t last.

If you do order Wonder Wrench, be sure to give it a thorough workout before your 30 days are up. And know if it breaks, you’re out $12.90 + return shipping.

And be sure to tell us what you think!