Wonder Sonic is a handheld device that claims to use no harsh chemicals to deep clean and tone your face, giving you a brighter, clearer, and more even complexion with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, they state Wonder Sonic uses sound waves and water to blast away dirt, oil, dead skin and more, leaving your skin smoother and you looking younger and more beautiful in the process.

What’s so cool about Wonder Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaning and Toning Unit that will make me look so great?

Wonder Sonic is a small wand-like unit that fits in your hand and claims to use sonic pulses combined with water to gently exfoliate and tone your skin. To use Wonder Sonic, they instruct you to spray your face with water; next, they say to simply glide the Wonder Sonic across your skin.

As it moves, Wonder Sonic explains that the device sends tiny sound waves that penetrate the skin, dislodging dirt, oil, blackheads, dead skin cells and whatever else is yucking up your face. In addition, they claim using Wonder Sonic will shrink your pores, creating flawless skin.

Then, the Wonder Sonic says it atomizes the water and creates an outward flow away from your face that you can actually see working. When you are done using Wonder Sonic, they tell you to look at the tip of the device and you’ll see all the particles it removed; it can then be easily cleaned off and stored for future use.

Wonder Sonic comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and add it’s ergonomic and can be used all over your face by men or women. They state 95% of study participants reported an improvement in their skin; however they don’t provide any info as to how this study was conducted making this statistic essentially meaningless. (To learn about what makes a good clinical study, read this.)

What do they charge me to try Wonder Sonic face cleaning system on my own face?

Wonder Sonic offers 2 ways to try their product – essentially pay now or pay later. If you’d like to pay for the whole thing up front, it will cost you $113.95. Or, you can opt for a 30-day trial and pay just $14.95 in fees up front. If you like it after trying Wonder Sonic for 30 days they tell you to do nothing (but keep using the product) – you will then be billed 3 payments of $33.00.

If you don’t like Wonder Sonic, you must pay to ship it back to them and they’ll keep the $14.95 in fees. (If you paid up front and return it within 30 days, they say your entire purchase will be refunded, minus what it costs you to return it.)

If you want to get ahold of Wonder Sonic customer service, call 877-206-6763. 

Your Wonder Sonic purchase includes:

  • Wonder Sonic cleaning and toning wireless unit
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Protective cap
  • Water spray bottle
  • User guide

Bottom Line: Is Wonder Sonic a great way to clean my face without using any harsh chemicals?

Probably not. We feel this way for several reasons. First, sonic technology doesn’t really have any proven added benefit to getting skin clean. The Beauty Brains did an entire podcast devoted to ultrasonic brushes (for example DermaBrilliance), and their conclusion was there was little evidence it was better than warm water and a washcloth.

While these spinning devices actually have bristles that move across the face that will do some exfoliating, Wonder Sonic boasts it has no moving parts and merely sends out pulses of sound. While you can pay thousands of dollars to dermatologists to blast your face with ultrasound, these can be painful and are often not very effective; because this is a consumer model that works on a much lower level, we are highly skeptical the sound waves emitted from Wonder Sonic will be strong enough to rejuvenate or dislodge any particles on your skin.

What Wonder Sonic likely does very well is atomize water, meaning turn it into a mist, which may make it look pretty cool when you use it. Misting the face with water is of course a great way to feel refreshed, but really won’t do anything special for your skin.

We’d also like to point out that you can’t really change the size of your pores, although certain strategies like washing and exfoliating regularly can minimize their appearance. (While some dermatologists recommend Retin-A to smooth out skin tone, our investigation found a whole bunch of side effects that can possibly make it worse.)

While we’re at it, let us mention that they still haven’t discovered the Fountain of Youth and that in our experience, anything short of plastic surgery is going to make a modest difference in your appearance… at best.

If the idea of Wonder Sonic still appeals to you we suggest at least waiting until it is in your local Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. where the majority of “As Seen On TV” products are sold. This way, you won’t have to wait for it to come in the mail, and if it does turn out to be a piece of crap, you can return it without having to deal with any lousy customer service.

How to look younger without any harsh chemicals

If you are afraid of harsh chemicals that they often use in cosmetics and anti-aging products, we agree with you. That’s why we suggest looking up items you like in the Skin Deep Cosmetics database, which offers safety ratings on thousands of beauty products.

You can also try advice from the Minimalist Beauty webpage, which suggests using witch hazel as a toner, olive oil for your skin and 9 other tips.

You should also read Secrets the Anti-Aging industry doesn’t want you to know!

And report back on your experience with Wonder Sonic below!