Wonder Core Max claims to be a 6-in-1 exercise machine that lets you concentrate on your core (read: your abdominal muscles and obliques) like never before. They promise Wonder Core Max gives you a full-range workout, meaning resistance on the way up as well as down, which they claim lets you focus on your abs “like a laser.”

It’s unclear who makes or sells Wonder Core Max. There was another very similar product called Wonder Core and this appears to simply be a rebranding. Let’s take a look at the manufacturer’s claims and see if it’s a good workout machine or not.  

The Wonder Core Max Pitch

This product is targeted at people who would like to lose a few inches around their midsection and are looking for an easy way to do it. Wonder Core tempts you by showing male and female models with ripped stomach muscles (who probably didn’t use Wonder Core Max) and promise if you can lie back on a recliner you can use this machine. They also tempt you with a 30-day trial that has an initial low price.

How Wonder Core Max Works

Wonder Core Max is essentially a workout machine you sit on that they claim has 3 level settings and allows you to do 6 different exercises; however, upon closer examination that doesn’t seem to be quite the case.

Because the machine is dual-resistance, meaning it gives a workout going up as well as down, the “regular crunch” and “reverse crunch” should really be counted as one exercise. You also use the same resistance bar to do a lower ab press with your feet by changing the way you sit on it.

Lower ab tucks are done on the stationary seat; to do oblique twists, you let the seat swivel. Finally, the upper body stretch is merely reclining on the unit.

In reality, it seems there is one resistance lever you can use either for sit-ups or leg lifts, a total of 2 exercises.

Wonder Core Max Includes:

  • Wonder Core
  • User Guide
  • Workout DVD
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exercise Guide
  • 30 (or 60) day money back guarantee

Wonder Core Max Costs… WHAT?

As we mentioned, they tempt you by offering a $14.95 30-day trial with free shipping. However, if you decide you don’t like it, you must pay to ship it back (probably expensive) and they’ll pocket that $14.95. If you keep it, you’ll be billed 3 more times at $49.95 for a total of $179.75.

You can also opt to pay $164.80 at once and they’ll still ship it free and then you have 60 days to try it; however, if you decide to send it back you’ll still have to pay the return shipping.

Bottom Line: Is Wonder Core Max a Scam?

Wonder Core Max may be an exercise machine that gives you some kind of workout, but it’s not a good sign that we can’t locate any reliable information about the company or find any customer reviews of the product that seem legit.

While that may or may not indicate the performance of Wonder Core Max, as we mentioned above the machine really only has one padded moving resistance lever, which you use on your back or with your feet.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get toned, you also may want to try this 7-minute exercise routine that requires just a chair.

Let us know what you think below – did you buy Wonder Core Max and were you glad you did, or is it JUNK?