WindoBully appears to be a thin metal strip with an adhesive back and a sliding plastic lock; to use it they instruct you to place on the pane of glass above or adjacent to the sliding door or double-hung window. Then, adjust the plastic lock to control how far you want the window/door to open: you can put the lock all the way down to keep it completely closed, halfway up to let a breeze in (or make an easy in and out for a pet) or pull the tab completely off to open all the way. WindoBully says it comes with a special holder to place the lock when not in use.

WindoBully promises not only will burglars be unable to get in (they claim it can withstand 300 lbs. of pressure) but wandering children won’t be able to get out. They state you’ll be able to relax, breathe fresh air, and keep the whole family protected at the same time, all thanks to WindoBully!

WindoBully Cost:

$35.85 for 4 WindoBullys which includes 4 lock holders and 4 cleaning pads. This is listed as $19.95 plus $7.95 for the first 2 and then they charge another $7.95 in fees for the “bonus” second set.

WindoBully comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but this does not include the $15.90 in fees or what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is WindoBully a Good Product?

WindoBully says that half of all break-ins happen through sliding windows and doors. We couldn’t find that specific statistic and they don’t list their source; in fact several anti-theft websites stated that a side or back door is a prime target of entry, followed by the garage door.

That said, a window lock can be a good idea, especially on the ground floor, and may be a good way to keep children from climbing out. But is WindoBully the right tool for the job? Perhaps. We couldn’t find any reviews of the product and the BBB has no information on Prime Direct Brands. We’d also like to mention that their Terms and Conditions allow them solicit you with other products via the telephone, email, or snail mail as well as give this information to third parties. (They state you can remove your name from their lists by emailing

If you are worried about security, let us give you a few tips. First, lock all doors and windows when not at home, especially basements and garages (don’t just rely on the electric garage door, put a deadbolt on the inner door). Install lights with motion detectors, reinforce doors with security gates, and keep valuables away from windows.

There are also a variety of window locks and latches, which you may want to compare with WindoBully – several can be found in this guide from Home Depot. You may also be interested in What’s the best way to prevent a thief from entering your home from HowStuffWorks and What Burglars Don’t Want You To Know from the Urbach Letter.

And let us know your experience with WindoBully below!