WIFI Wizard is a “magical” device they say will instantly boost your home WIFI signal. They promise it’s cordless and is ready to go out of the box. Other than that, there is very little information about what this product does or how it works.

WIFI Wizard probably doesn’t come from Middle Earth; other than that, we are in the dark as to who makes or sells this product. (The website was built by a for-hire marketing company.)

The WIFI Wizard Pitch

They say there is nothing more frustrating than getting kicked off the wireless internet in your own home. They boast you will never have slow internet again, lose your place in your game, or drop video calls on your tablet.

How WIFI Wizard Works

The Wizard is mum about its secret; however, since it looks like a satellite dish and has no cords, wires, or software, we suspect it’s a parabolic reflector. This device is probably placed behind the router and the curved surface of the WIFI Wizard bounces and concentrates the signal so it can be directed at a specific location.You can make one of these yourself with an aluminum can or foil (search: DIY WIFI booster).

Each WIFI Wizard Order includes:

  • WIFI Wizard
  • “Bonus” USB WIFI adaptor
  • (Cape, staff, and pointy hat sold separately)

It Costs:

$37.85. They disguise this by saying the WIFI Wizard is $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H and they give you a “bonus” USB WIFI adaptor but charge you another $7.95 in fees; plus, three’s a $2 “web service fee” to boot. Sure, you can return your WIFI Wizard within the allotted 30 day period for your $19.95 back, but they’ll pocket the rest of your dough and you gotta pay to ship it back.

The WIFI Wizard Fine Print:

WIFI Wizard’s privacy policy page has a lot of legalese but we’ll highlight the important part: they can “contact consumers for marketing purposes, shared with other reputable organizations to help them contact consumers for marketing purposes.” In addition, when you click “process order” you are signing their arbitration agreement, which prevents you from joining any class action lawsuits against them or taking them to court yourself.

Bottom Line: Is WIFI Wizard a Scam?

Yes. There is nothing really special about WIFI Wizard that you can’t make yourself (see above). In addition, they don’t give you any information about how much range the product has, which is important for any signal booster. They promise faster speeds, but that ultimately has to do with your internet provider. They throw in a USB WIFI adaptor, which they claim has a $30 value, but in reality most new computers have built-in WIFI so you probably don’t need that either. For all this, they charge you almost $40, half of which they will keep whether or not you return the device. (And then there’s all the privacy intrusion and arbitration stuff.) Wizard, make this product disappear!