Wet Block HD is the latest spray-on waterproofing in the “super hydrophobic nano-technology” craze (see Mighty Gard). Wet Block says it works on nearly any surface, coating it with a non-toxic layer that makes liquids bead up and bounce off.

This waterproofing seal is certainly dramatic in the photos and video but they leave out a very important detail… see below.

The Wet Block HD Pitch

They are targeting people who are very messy and/or like to watch water bounce off of surfaces without wetting them (it can be very addictive!) They show you everything from wood, plastic, metal, and even a block of concrete treated with Wet Block HD vs. untreated surfaces: every time, the liquid rolls off the Wet Block HD side and the surface remains dry and clean. To impress you they tell you it was invented by the military and add an “HD” to the name not because it’s in high definition but because it sounds cool.

How Wet Block HD Works

Aside from throwing around the phrase “super hydrophobic nano-technology” (say it 10 times fast) and using a fancy graphic, they don’t spill the beans on the ingredients. They say Wet Block HD creates a “protective layer” which causes liquids to literally bounce off.

To use Wet Block HD, they say it’s as simple as spray-and-dry: you can use on any surface and only needs one coat. Then they say not only is it waterproof but that the seal is ant-corrosive and non-toxic.

It Costs:

$25.94 ($19.95 plus $5.99 shipping). If you want a can of Wet Block Fab (fabric spray) you pay another $3.99 in fees for a total of $29.93. You have 30 days to try Wet Block. They say on the website “you have nothing to lose” if it doesn’t work, but you do: at least $5.99 in S&H and what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Wet Block HD a Scam?

The product may “scare away” tiny drops of water – isn’t that the definition of superhydronanophobia? But here’s where we have the problem: how big is the can? They are charging $19.95 for it but how many surfaces will one can treat? (Customer service did not know.) We can’t know if this is really a good deal or not without that information. We suggest: waiting until the next super hydro-whatever spray-on stuff comes along with the size information clearly available or checking back with Wet Block HD to see if they’ve added it before purchasing.