As you get older, are you experiencing more “brain fog”? What about decreased energy, reduced muscle mass and strength, and other common side effects of aging?

If so, Vital Stem, a powdered supplement from Live Cell Research, promises to work at the cellular level to boost the proliferation of adult stem cells, leading to protection against neurodegeneration, enhanced joint and muscle strength—and even slowing the aging of your cells!

In order to accomplish this, we’re told Vital Stem contains five potent ingredients that have never been combined before, all of which are tested by a third-party laboratory for quality and contain no synthetic additives, preservatives, dairy, or caffeine.

According to Live Cell Research, all you have to do is mix one scoop of Vital Stem with 12-16oz of water and drink once per day. The company tells us it has a refreshing berry taste, that it’s safe for anybody to use, and produces no known side effects.

But, when taking Vital Stem, are you really replacing old cells with new ones, as claimed by Dr. Rand McClain? Is this really the “secret therapy of millionaires”? What can you realistically expect?

We’ll take a fact-based look at the Vital Stem supplement in order to help you make a more informed purchase.

What Are Stem Cells? Is It Possible to Boost Stem Cell Production?

Before diving into Vial Stem’s specific claims, let’s quickly go over some basics.

As far as stem cells go, there are two types within the human body:

  • Embryonic – These stem cells have the ability to become any other type of cell in the body. For example, an undifferentiated embryonic stem cell could become a heart cell, a skin cell, an eye cell, and so forth.
  • Adult – These can only change into their original cell type. So, an eye adult stem cell could only become an eye, a heart muscle a heart muscle, and so forth.

Whether embryonic or adult, conventional stem cell therapy (although in its infancy) typically works by culturing specific stem cells in a lab, and then reintroducing them into an area of the body.

For example, if a patient’s calf wound was having difficulty healing, a physician might grow more calf muscle stem cells and reintroduce them to the patient’s body.

Since stem cells are extraordinarily fragile (and because it’s much more direct), they’re typically injected into the treatment site where they can work their magic.

What about the ingredients found in Vital Stem? Have they been clinically shown to boost the body’s production of adult stem cells, without growing them in a lab and injecting them? Let’s find out next.

How Effective Are Vital Stem’s Ingredients?

According to the label on their website, here’s what we’re told Vital Stem contains:

While you might not find this exact formulation in any other supplements besides Vital Stem, what does the clinical evidence have to say about their ability to improve health?

According to WebMD, l-leucine (a type of branched-chain amino acid, or BCAA) is listed as possibly effective for reducing muscle breakdown during exercise.

Green tea may help address several different conditions, such as reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, some aspects of coronary heart disease, as well as improving some symptoms of osteoporosis.

Outside of this, however, authority websites like WebMD don’t indicate that these ingredients can support Live Cell Research’s claims of boosting adult stem cell production or otherwise turning back the clock on the natural aging process.

Pro tip: In fact, based on what we learned from publically available third-party information online, even the CD34+ and CD133+ cells mentioned on the Vital Stem website can only be boosted by prescription drugs, not any of the ingredients found in Vital Stem’s formulation.

But will these ingredients cause any harm?

Will Vital Stem’s Ingredients Cause Any Side Effects?

While authority websites report there’s insufficient clinical evidence to support many of Vital Stem’s claims, the good news is that—if you experience any side effects at all—they probably won’t be worse than mild digestive upset.

However, WebMD notes that, “Taking vitamin D for long periods of time in doses higher than 4000 units daily is POSSIBLY UNSAFE and may cause excessively high levels of calcium in the blood.”

While each Vital Stem serving only contains 2,000IU of vitamin D3, you might want to keep this information in mind if you’re planning on taking more than the daily dose recommended by the manufacturer.

How Much Does Vital Stem Cost?

Each bottle of Vital Stem will cost you:

  • 1 Bottle: $46.99 plus $3.95 S&H
  • 3 Bottles: $117 plus free S&H
  • 6 Bottles: $214.27 plus free S&H

All Live Cell Research products, including Vital Stem, come with a 90-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. In order to request one, customer service can be reached at 844-650-5933.

Considering everything we’ve discussed so far regarding clinical evidence, are Vital Stem’s customers finding these prices to deliver a solid level of value?

What’s Everyone Saying In Their Vital Stem Reviews?

On the Live Cell Research website, Vital Stem received all 5-star reviews from customers. Was it the same elsewhere online?

On HighYa, 12 customers gave Vital Stem a similar 5-star average rating, with compliments referencing a wide range of benefits, including increased energy, reduced pain, improved thinking, better stamina, improved weight loss, and more. No complaints were noted.

We also found two additional Vital Stem customer reviews on Amazon, where the supplement had an average rating of 3 stars. One customer noted “amazing” skin healing, while the other complained that it contains sucralose.

From a company perspective, Live Cell Research is based out of Los Angeles, CA and manufactures several other popular supplements, including Niagen, Cerastim, Advanced Joint Repair, and more. They weren’t listed with the BBB at the time of our research.

Who Is Dr. Rand McClain?

Since Vital Stem’s promotional video was narrated by Dr. Rand McClain—and you probably noticed his likeness and endorsements in several other areas of the Live Cell Research website—let’s quickly discuss.

From a medical perspective, Dr. McClain holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Western University of Health Sciences.

Since that time, Dr. McClain has worked as an MD at Performance Sports and Rejuvenation Medicine in Santa Monica, CA, where he specializes in hormone replacement therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Botox and dermal fillers, and more.

Dr. McClain had 5-star patient ratings on websites like HealthGrades and Yelp at the time of our research.

Should Dr. Rand McClain’s medical training and mostly positive online patient reputation have any impact on your Vital Stem buying decision, though?

Our Final Thoughts About Vital Stem by Live Cell Research

If you type the phrase “stem cell supplement” into any search engine, you’ll find dozens of supplements that claim to deliver many of the same results as Vital Stem.

As we discussed above though, while Vital Stem seems to have a meaningfully different formulation than many of these other options, authority sites like WebMD report that there isn’t enough clinical evidence to support the manufacturer’s claims.

Despite this, it seems like many of Vital Stem’s customers have reported positive experiences from using the supplement. On top of this, if you feel like giving it a try and are dissatisfied, Live Cell Research offers 90-day refund policies on all their products.