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An energy boost

Feb 18, 2017 | | Pennsylvania

I am a 49-year-old woman with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. After watching Dr. Gundry's video I decided to try it. I've been very consistent in using the product and I do notice a boost in my energy level and also I have much less brain fog. My husband is now using it also. Is it snake oil? I have no idea, but at this point, I will take whatever I can get to feel better. Added note, I mix mine into cranberry juice. I just didn't like it in water.

Goods undelivered and refund denied

Feb 17, 2017 | | London

I was keen on testing this product and ordered it even though it was produced in the US. The product has not been delivered and all my contact with the company for a refund have been completely ignored. I have also contacted Dr. Grunty on his Facebook page, but in vain. Clearly not a trustworthy company.

Vital Reds

Feb 13, 2017 | | California

Great product! I noticed a surge in energy and well being the first time I took this product. I have been taking it for over a month now and continue to notice many benefits. One of them is my increased circulation. I don't have restless leg syndrome anymore. I love this product.

Rise in Blood Pressure

Feb 4, 2017 | | Nova Scotia

After two weeks usage, I experienced an unusual rise in my BP (150/90), and I noticed on the label it contains green tea extract and probiotics, which I recently heard on the news that this combo is bad for liver damage? So I will be returning my jar of VRs for a refund ASAP.

Life Changing

Feb 3, 2017 | | Ontario

I drank the Vital Reds with water less than 15 minutes ago, when the doctor said you would feel the difference the same day, he was not kidding, I could feel energy immediately! Thank you so much.

Side effects to Vital Reds

Jan 30, 2017 | | North Bend, OR

2nd day of Vital Reds - overheated, face flushed and tingling, severe nausea, and vomiting. 3rd day had half for breakfast, and half for lunch. Much better on my digestive system.

Vital Reds, week one

Jan 26, 2017 | | Pa

From the first day I had increased energy, but more important I though I had less fatigue. During the winter months, I felt like crawling into bed by 8:30. Now I am much more awake, and focused during the day and don't feel tired until much later. Losing weight - possibly too soon to tell, but I sure hope so. At this point I would recommend just for how awake and sharp my mind feels. Husband is on fourth day and he said he feels exactly like I do and he is always tired and works long hours.

Still tired and fatigued

Jan 25, 2017 | | Akron, Ohio

Have been using Vital Reds for more than a month now and I have not noticed any improvements for being tired or fatigued. Don't feel any differences at all in my opinion.

Very good product

Jan 17, 2017 | | LA

I felt much more energy and a much better feeling of wellness after using this product in 1 week. I plan to continue using it as a regular supplement.

Vital Reds

Jan 13, 2017 | | CH, CA

Excellent product. I felt more energy in about 20 minutes. My gas left my stomach, and the bloated feeling is gone. It is a great taste too. A great product to drink first thing in the morning and to know I am taking care of me, loving my self by making this choice.

Never reviewed product

Jan 6, 2017 | | Qld. Australia

Haven't received the product. Been 1 month now and I have emailed numerous times but didn't receive a reply. Didn't even get a confirmation email when they received payment. Trying to work out how to get my money back from this company.

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