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Works but your body gets used to it over time

Nov 7, 2018 | | Hammonton, NJ

I used this for months and the first month or so, it helped with inflammation and psoriasis. After that, I think my body somehow got used to it as it stopped working so well, but still worked some. What I do now, is take it for two weeks then go off for about a month. This seems to keep it working better than the other way.

When I go back on it for the two week period, the first day or two you get some serious BM differences and your energy level seems to skyrocket. Then that levels off, but I still see the inflammation reduction in a very positive way.

I wish it worked long-term as good as it does shorter term. According to my friend who is a physician, a lot of medicines, in general, have that same problem. The body is strange that way, or so I am told, it actually works against the meds/supplements over time.

Worked for my eyesight

Oct 23, 2018 | | Alberta, Canada

I ordered this for digestion and energy. I have no idea if it helped that. However, in four weeks it improved my night vision issues which I have been having for a few years. I can now drive at night outside the city. Plus, I actually just like drinking the Vital Reds because I am not well hydrated and its a good drink. I don't really like to eat fruit, so I take it as a way to not have to eat as much fruit and as a drink.

Spent $1100.00 for lab work, and no benefits from using product.

Oct 5, 2018 | | Nevada

I initially spent $763 for lab work and another $337.00 for a follow up after one month. There was absolutely no positive change in any category, there was, however, a rise in my prostate numbers which was quite unsettling. I called the customer service number to get a refund, I was informed that because I bought it on Amazon, there was no refund available.

Order not delivered and no refund

Sep 6, 2018 |

I bought Vital Reds, a total of three bottles. I have been waiting for three months. I spoke to a lady who said my refund would be in my bank account within 3-5 business days. I have since sent two emails asking when should I expect the refund. You don’t even get an acknowledgement that they have received your email. Sorry people, but this is a scam. For one man to be so full of himself (not a nice person), he really should be ashamed of himself ripping us off. I even have the part of the transcript via online chat that said I was going to get a refund. The phone number doesn’t even exist. LOL. Just don’t do it!

Ordering online is ridged

Jul 9, 2018 | | Branchville, NJ

I returned via US mail, the entire package I received along with the packing slip which included enough information for a return. My Discovery card issued me a warning that these are suspicious charges are pending on my account. I ordered three Vital Reds and got a confirmation for three but received 12, plus other products. To further alienate me, it cost $22 to ship over five pounds for the 12 bottles that I did not order or want to try. I called and asked if I could get one bottle or samples of Vital Reda to try at no cost and was told no.

Trust me that I will write negative reviews about Gundry MD's ordering practices, the excessive, and repetitive offers that pop-up and create additional orders when you simply close out, and exit out or arrowing back to finish the transaction. Bad business, even if it's a good product.

Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds

Jun 27, 2018 | | Ventura, CA

I took a lot of Vital Reds, much more than the recommended dose for about three months. I noticed no benefits whatsoever. Blood tests showed no improvement. A total waste of money. It's better to just buy packages of mixed nuts on eBay, and fresh strawberries at the store. Don't waste your money. Don't believe all this hype about concentrated this and that, which took years of research. The same old lines from every doctor. Do your own research and eat what God gave you the way HE gave it to you.

Best stuff I have ever used.

May 30, 2018 | | Florida

Everything Dr. Gundry claims about this product is true, and in fact, he understates the profound effects this supplement had on my life and energy levels. I am 66 years old and my 40-year old son in law cannot keep up with me. This nuked all my wife's digestive issues, that is, they went away by day 3. She woke up earlier than I do, it cut her sleep requirements by at least 2-3 hours a night.

Vital Reds

Apr 29, 2018 | | Australia

Within two weeks of receiving the product and taking it as advised by Dr. Grundy, I take one scoop per day with water, and it works with me.


Apr 28, 2018 | | NY

I have been taking Prebiothrive for about three months, and I absolutely love it. I feel much better, I have energy and I have lost some of the stubborn belly weight. I am now going to try the Vital Reds, if I don't like them after a few weeks, I will send them back but I trust Dr. Gundry and I think I will like the Vital Reds.

I love Vital Reds, and Primal Plants.

Mar 7, 2018 | | Indianapolis, Indiana

I love the medical background of Dr. Gundry. I love Vital Reds because he doesn't hide anything. He has a true desire to help people become healthy. If you want energy naturally, you should expect metabolic change which elevates blood pressure. I bought Vital Reds and Primal Plants, they are exactly what he says they are. I am reaching 5 weeks, so now I'm just working on the blood pressure issue. I won’t give up. He has great products, it's not a scam. Do your research if you are skeptical, love it.

Helped Me Right Away

Feb 24, 2018 | | Charlotte, NC

I ordered this product a week ago because I am always desperately seeking remedies to help me combat fatigue. Based on the negative reviews posted here, I don't believe this product will greatly improve the life of anyone who is not suffering from any of the conditions that this product was made to help. In other words, if you sleep fine, are not a chronic fatigue sufferer, do not have IBS or related issues, then maybe this is not for you. But for me, I got some amazing results within one hour of using this product.

Primarily, I suffer from CFS but I also have irregular bowels which leave me constipated, gassy and in pain many times. I have tried many products but this product came here today and within one hour, I was able to pass a stool. Of all the over-the-counter meds and everything that I've tried, including prune juice, and NOTHING has worked that fast. In fact, the only thing that has been working for me is prune juice but even that takes hours before it works. Again, I bought it to help me with fatigue, and I cannot attest yet to its effectiveness in that respect because I just used it once (today).

I didn't know that when I bought the product that it would also help me to release my bowels. That's an extra added bonus for me. I don't mind spending an extra $45 every month if it means I can have my energy and life back.

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