Vigoraflo is a supplement that insists it will help you take charge of your life by turbocharging your testosterone levels to new highs safely and naturally. They claim this will result in better overall physical and mental performance, from the gym to the bedroom.

Do I have low testosterone levels?

Likely not. Vigoraflo states that after 30 every year a man’s testosterone levels decrease by 1-3% per year, and while this is true it is also completely normal. It’s also true that as we get older, we tend to gain more weight, have a bit more “brain fog”, and/or a decreased sex drive. However, there is still no conclusive proof these things are linked to low testosterone levels – some men still retain high levels of testosterone throughout their entire life and some with low levels can have a stronger sex drive.

Testosterone levels need to be measured by a doctor, who may then prescribe a drug if he thinks they are low. However, there is a lot of controversy about “Low-T” as some experts feel that these drugs (with dangerous side effects) are being marketed to men that don’t really have a problem.

In other words: your testosterone levels are likely fine for your age. If you are gaining weight, feeling sluggish, and losing your mojo it is more likely due to stress, lack of exercise, and depression than it is to low testosterone levels.

What’s in Vigoraflo that they say will help boost my testosterone levels?

Ok, we get it – you think your levels are lower than they should be and the promise of taking a pill to suddenly “juice” your levels is appealing. Let us lay out the bad news that we exposed in our article about testosterone booster supplements: there is little to no evidence any of them work to actually boost your testosterone.

In fact, WebMD suggests you forget the supplements because they will do little to increase testosterone levels, no matter what the ingredients are. The Cleveland Clinic states there is no such thing as a natural testosterone booster.

But let’s go over what they say is in it, shall we?

Tongkat Ali: There is some evidence this Malaysian herb helps rats get erections (sorry for the visual image) but sketchy evidence it affects testosterone.

Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto is sometimes prescribed to men with prostrate cancer because it seems to suppress the cancer’s growth, but this is questionable. There is some evidence it prevents your existing testosterone from converting to DHT, but some worry this is not good for you.

Horny Goat Weed: In spite of its name, there is no evidence outside of a small laboratory experiment it will do anything to make you horny.

Sasparilla: Widely used to treat syphilis and also to make a popular soft drink, there is no evidence it does anything for testosterone.

Boron: The NIH states there is insufficient evidence it increases testosterone and it’s possibly ineffective for building muscle mass.

Nettle Extract: Stinging nettle has been shown to help with joint pain, but it can also cause burning or itching.

Conclusion: Some of the ingredients may possibly help you get a boner and give you a “tingly” sensation (from the nettle) but they won’t budge those testosterone levels.

What does Vigoraflo cost to try it?

Vigoraflo says you can get a “free trial bottle” of their testosterone supplement for just $5.95, but the devil is in the details:

  • This is a 14-day trial that starts the day you order it NOT when it arrives in the mail.
  • After the 14 days you will be billed $89.95 per month and sent more bottles of Vigoraflo until you cancel.
  • Only unopened bottles are allowed for returns.
  • There is a $19.95 restocking fee.
  • You may be liable for future goods and services if you fail to contact them.
  • You agree to not sue them or join any class action lawsuits.
  • You give them your first-born male child.

OK, we made up the last point, but the others are real and listed in their lengthy terms and conditions.

Vigoraflo customer service number:  (877) 483-4176

Bottom Line: Is Vigoraflo a good product that will help boost testosterone?


(Sorry we didn’t mean to shout.)

But we hope by reading this review you now know:

a) low testosterone is natural
b) you can’t take a supplement to raise it and
c) if you order the “free trial” you will likely be on the hook for at least $89.95

Instead of taking any supplement to improve your performance in the bedroom:

a) Exercise. Just a short burst of exercise does boost testosterone levels, albeit temporarily. Exercise will also put you in a better mood, as depression is another culprit.

b) Lose weight! Obesity leads to low energy and a lousy sex life.

c) Reduce stress. Stress is a killer of the sex drive, so learn to relax a bit. But don’t hit the booze or drugs, instead learn to meditate.

c) Talk to your partner. Human relationships are complex and if things aren’t going well, it’s an important topic to discuss, no matter how uncomfortable. To help, we suggest reading What Couples Want to Know But Are Too Shy to Ask or Talking to Your Partner About Sex.

You may also want to read Loss of Libido in Men and 8 tips to rekindle desire from WebMD.

Remember, an erection starts in the... 


We hope this helped you learn a little more about Vigoraflo and testosterone levels in general. Please let us know your experience with Vigoraflo below!