Veggetti Pro from Ontel Products is a vegetable-slicing device based on the regular Veggetti, both of which promise to turn ordinary veggies into pasta-like strands. The main difference between Veggetti Pro and the regular version (besides the price) is it comes on a stand with suction cups to stick it to the counter, 3 stainless steel blades, and a recipe guide. 

How Veggetti Pro Works

To use Veggetti Pro, they instruct you to decide between having thick, thin, or spiral strands and then select and install the appropriate blade. Next, place the desired vegetable in the space between the crank handle and the blade and start turning. They claim strips of vegetables will spill out the other side, which you can then use to make pasta, salads, potato chips, coleslaw, and more. They promise it’s easy to use, will make eating vegetables fun for your kids, and great for gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan diets. 

Veggetti Pro Price

$30.97 – this is because in spite of the fact they claim Veggetti Pro is only $19.99, they charge $7.99 in shipping and then an additional $2.99 in fees for the “bonus” ribbon-slicer blade. 

Veggetti Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but that means you will only get your $19.99 back and not the $10.98 in fees and whatever it costs in postage to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Veggetti Pro a Scam?

The original handheld Veggetti receives generally positive reviews from consumers. The main problems people had were difficulties cleaning it after use and many mentioned it wasn’t possible to use up the entire vegetable without possibly cutting yourself when your fingers get too close to the blade.

By having the whole thing on a stand with a hand crank, Veggetti Pro seems to address these problems. Now, it appears possible to use the entire length of the veggie and the removable blades may make it easier to clean as well.

We’d just like you to be aware that Ontel Products currently (as of January 2015) has a C rating from the BBB due to 268 complaints filed in the last 3 years. Also, their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email or telephone with other products as well as give this information to third parties to do the same. (You may opt-out by sending an email to 

Let us know your experience with Veggetti Pro – is it better than the original Veggetti or were you disappointed?