V-Trainer from Tri-Star Products is a “waist training” belt for men that the manufacturers tout will make you look 2 sizes slimmer in just seconds. They claim it has 2 levels of toning and will support your back, trim your waist and help you feel fuller faster. They promise you can wear it anytime, work or play, to get that buffed look everyone wants and loves.

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a fad started by Kim Kardashian (of course) where she would wear a constricting waist belt (aka a corset) during work and play. The belief is that the device supports you while constricting your waist and stomach so you eat less and if you wear it during workouts, it helps promote sweating resulting in a thinner midsection. The added benefit is that you put it on and you instantly look thinner. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up waist training and using it for too long, especially while working out can be dangerous

How V-Trainer Works

V-Trainer is a masculine version of the waist trainer and looks like a workout belt and attaches around your belly with Velcro. They claim the secret is its durable adjustable compression, flexible ribbing, and Geo-flex back rib panels which basically work together to force you to suck in that gut and stand up straight.

They tout you will look like you’ve been to the gym without having to put down that cheeseburger, and that it will “train” your waist to make that perfect “V” shape. V-Trainer is said to be a “chick magnet” and will make you look 20 lbs. younger in seconds and you can wear all day under your clothes and no one will know.

V-Trainer Costs:

$35.97 is the default selection, which will give you 2 V-Trainers (sold as $7.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling per belt) but if you just want one, switch the button to “No” and you will be charged $27.98 for one.

V-Trainer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus any of the fees or what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is V-Trainer a Gut Buster?

Many guys are looking to get rid of their beer belly, but this really isn’t the way to do it. Sure, perhaps you’ll maybe look a tad thinner if you wear it under your shirt but look again at those before and after pics on their website. You can most likely have the same effect yourself by sucking in your stomach and standing up straight.

In addition, as we mentioned before, waist training is possibly dangerous, especially if you wear it while exercising. “Being compressed makes it hard to breathe,” says Britanny Kohn, a New York City nutritionist in Shape Magazine. “And with so much pressure on your middle, it can lead to bruising and even organ damage.”

Spot training – where you can supposedly target a certain area of the body for weight loss – is also a myth. And while wearing a V-Belt may make you stand up straighter, it could also lead you to believe you are stronger than you are, resulting in injuring your back if you try and lift too much.

In other words, V-Belt is not a good way to get rid of belly fat, even for a job interview or first date. Instead, suck it in, stand up straight, stop eating so much junk food or drinking lots of beer, and make some time for regular exercise.

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