V Broom from Telebrands is a push broom with rubber bristles and a built-in squeegee that they insist will keep your floors squeaky clean. They claim it’s good for trapping both dust and pet hair because its “V” shaped bristles make sure nothing escapes.

How V Broom Works

V Broom claims the secret is the shape of the bristles that trap the dirt as you pull (not push like a traditional push broom) towards you. They claim it’s more efficient than a vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair because it creates static that lifts it out of the carpet as you brush.

They state you can use it wet or dry and it always stays clean and the rubber won’t scratch the floor. When using wet, after you’re finished scrubbing, turn it over and squeegee dry.

V Broom Will Run You:

$27.98 for one V Broom ($19.99 plus $7.99 shipping). If you would like a second V Broom, you can add it at the time of your order for another $9.99 in shipping/handing.

Telebrands offers a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” for all its products; however, this translates to the list price returned, not any of the additional fees. To be eligible, you must return the product within 30 days along with a written explanation as to why you didn’t like V Broom or they could say no to your request.

Bottom Line: Is V Broom a Good Product?

We have no doubt V Broom will collect dirt as they promise. This is because in spite of the fact that they present the V Broom as a revolutionary product, in fact, there are many rubber brooms in the marketplace (see for yourself).

Rubbing a rubber broom against the floor does create static electricity that will indeed help you collect hair. That’s why most salons or barbers have some kind of rubber broom; there are also silicone brooms, which are said to be sturdier. In general, consumers find rubber brooms to be a worthwhile investment.

However, the company behind V Broom, Telebrands, recently saw their A- rating from the BBB drop to an F. Additionally, in August of 2014, the State of New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Telebrands for high-pressure upsell tactics. (Telebrands President A.J. Khubani has denied these allegations.)

We suggest shopping and comparing various rubber brooms, looking for positive customer reviews and deciding if you would prefer one made of silicone before making a final decision on V Broom.