Ultimate Jar Opener is a gadget sold by Creative Concepts USA that exclaims it’s the quickest, easiest, and safest way to open stubborn jars of any size. Ultimate Jar Opener states this is because the handle is fully adjustable, grips tightly, and opens them instantly with just one twist.

How does Ultimate Jar Opener work to help me open any jar with ease?

Ultimate Jar Opener claims to be a patented device made almost entirely of dishwasher safe stainless steel. Unlike other round jar openers, Ultimate Jar Opener says it has a fully adjustable slider that can open jars of almost any size (1/2 inch to 6 inches). They promise this includes everything from nail polish to pesky pickle jars and works on smooth, ridged, plastic, or metal lids.

To use Ultimate Jar Opener, they tell you to simply slide to fit the desired jar and place the rubber grips against the edges. Then, simply twist and – pop! – they state your jar or bottle is opened without any strain or pain. In addition, they tout Ultimate Jar Opener comes with a bottle opener for sodas or beers so you can celebrate your success with a drink.

Ultimate Jar Opener promises this product is great for strong people as well as those with more delicate fingers or arthritis. Whoever uses Ultimate Jar Opener, they insist your stuck jar lid is released with just one twist.

What do they charge for an Ultimate Jar Opener kitchen device?

Ultimate Jar Opener promotes a special in their TV commercial and on their website of 2 for $9.99 – however, once you get to the order page they reveal that there is a shipping charge of $7.99 for each Ultimate Jar Opener. This makes the real total $25.97 for 2.

Ultimate Jar Opener return information

Ultimate Jar Opener comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but you should know that this only includes the initial $9.99 charge and not the $15.98 in shipping and handling fees or what it costs to send back.

Customer service for Ultimate Jar Opener can be reached Monday – Friday 8 am – 10 pm EST by calling 877-399-3494

Bottom Line: Ultimate Jar Opener only a good deal if bought at Amazon or at retail

Ultimate Jar Opener may be sturdy and handy for some jars but there are a few things we should point out. First, although they claim it opens almost any jar and the Amazon description states it fits on jars from ½ inch to 6 inches, a customer with the most helpful review measured the actual width from the edge of the rubber grippers at its widest opening and found it to be only 4 ½ inches. Others say it’s not as easy to adjust to the smaller sizes (it has a series of 12 notches) but it’s great for large jars.

Then there’s the sneaky pricing – they claim it’s $9.99 for 2, but when you add in all the shipping fees it’s really almost $13 each. Add to the fact that even if you return Ultimate Jar Opener you’ll be on the hook for $15.98 plus tracking postage to return them doesn’t make it such a great deal if you buy it direct from them.

You can order from Amazon for $9.99 and if you have Prime you can get it shipped for free. But here’s a secret – in spite of saying Ultimate Jar Opener isn’t available in stores, it will be. This is because all these “As Seen On TV” companies really make their money selling their products at retail. They count on the commercial to serve as an advertisement (and test marketing) and hope when you see the product at a cheaper price with no shipping fees, you’ll buy it on impulse.

There are also plenty of other jar openers out there that get positive reviews – the Swing-A-Way Jar Opener has a similar adjustable gripping mechanism and sells for about $2 cheaper on Amazon and gets 4.5 stars from more than 630 reviews.

Swing-A-Way was also the winner of Best Jar Opener from Cook’s Illustrated who tested several different models (although Ultimate Jar Opener was not included in their review).

If you don’t feel like spending money on yet another kitchen tool, you can also check out the video from America’s Test Kitchen that shows you some super quick tips to open stubborn jars or read Pop Sugar’s trick to open a jar using just a spoon.

We hope this helps – let us know your experience with Ultimate Jar Opener below!