Twin Turbo is a stainless steel peeler that works in both directions and the manufacturers boast it works twice as fast a traditional version. They add Twin Turbo has a no-slip grip and if you flip the peeler to the other side you can now slice veggies up too.

But is Twin Turbo a gadget no kitchen should be without or does it just have a lot of bells and whistles? Let’s peel away the layers of hype and see…

The Twin Turbo Pitch

This product tries to imply that by using it you will create healthier meals. They appeal to women by implying they want to feed their families healthy vegetables but the peeling and slicing is too much of a chore.

Then, they show women quickly and happily slicing up veggies with the Twin Turbo and making meals from the recipe book. They tempt you with a special two-for-one offer that they caution won’t last long…

How Twin Turbo Works

Twin Turbo kind of looks (and the name sounds) like an oversized safety razor. But, instead of shaving faces, they claim this is designed to peel veggies. They state it has twin-action blades: this means it slices as you move it both ways across the skin of your vegetable. These blades are adjustable, so they promise you can cut through thick eggplant and then also slice a thin tomato skin.

Once the skin is off, they add you can flip the unit over and the other side juliennes. They boast Twin Turbo is twice as fast as ordinary peelers and the 100% stainless steel won’t break or get dull.

Twin Turbo Costs HOW Much?

$23.98 which includes 2 Twin Turbo peelers and 2 recipe books. They disguise the price by saying it’s $10 for the first Twin Turbo and recipe book (plus $6.99 handling) but they also charge you an additional $6.99 for the twofer.

You can return Twin Turbo within 30 days but they will keep the $13.98 in fees and you’ve got to pay to ship it back.

Bottom Line: Is Twin Turbo a Scam?

Twin Turbo shows a lot of promise as a super-fast peeler, but we want to caution you:

  • This is an “As Seen On TV” product. These types of things often seem appealing on first glance, but many consumers complain they either don’t do the job as promised or are cheaply made.
  • Twin Turbo assures us it is 100% stainless steel but we still caution you to keep your expectations low.
  • Do you really need 2 peelers and 2 copies of the same recipe book?

We’d like to hear what you think of Twin Turbo below. Did it cut your peeling prep work in half, or did it cut your FINGER in half? Let us know below!