Tush Ups is a seamless undergarment for women that the makers tout will give your rear a boost and make it look sexier. They promise an instant lift of up to 2-inches to your derriere, making it look rounder and perkier, no if ands or… butts!

How Tush Ups Works

Tush Ups comes in black or nude colors and although they say it’s soft and comfortable and has no special padding, they don’t disclose the actual material it’s made from. They promise if you wear under your (tight-fitting) clothing, everyone will notice you have a firmer tuchas, perhaps even your husband!

Tush Ups Costs…

$35.80 for 4 pairs. This is made to sound cheaper by saying it’s $14.95 plus $6.95 S&H for the first 2 nude Tush Ups and $6.95 in extra shipping/handling fees for the so-called “free” pairs of black.

Tush Ups comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, this is minus the shipping and handling fees ($13.90) so if you return them you will only get $14.95 back.  

Bottom Line: Is Tush Ups a Scam?

Tush Ups may indeed give your booty a boost – online customer reviews are generally positive for them. BUTT we think we should point out a few things about this product.

First of all, we’re not sure what it’s made from (probably some kind of spandex). We tried to call the customer service number to find out (877) 300-5499 and we were greeted with a generic recording saying their products were on back order due to high demand and to leave a message. We called at the end of October 2014 and the recording said to check back the week of September 15 so clearly this voicemail has not been updated for a while. They promised no credit cards would be charged during the backorder.

Second, the way these companies make money off of you are the shipping and handling fees. In this case it’s $13.90, which is almost the cost of the Tush Ups themselves – it takes that much money to ship a few pairs of underpants?! And remember, that money won’t be returned even if the Tush Ups are. While they advertise it’s $14.95, the total cost is $35.80 – meaning it’s $8.95 a pair.

The other way companies like this make money is with your personal information. A quick peek at their so-called Privacy Policy allows them to not only solicit you with other products via email, snail mail, or perhaps even give you a call on the phone but also to give this information to “reputable” third parties. They say you can opt out of this by sending them an email. (You can read all about Privacy Policies like these in this informative article.)

If you do want these Tush Ups, we suggest:

  • Call (877) 300-5499 and make sure it’s not still on back-order
  • Visit their Privacy Policy Page and opt-out of all additional solicitations!
  • Or, consider buying Tush Ups from another online retailer where you can reach customer service and they don’t charge you excess shipping fees.

We hope this helps! Let us know what you think of Tush Ups below.