Turbo Shot from Telebrands claims it’s a powerful and durable spray nozzle with infinite adjustment. They explain this means you can go from a tiny stream all the way to a powerful blast up to 40 feet away that uses 40% less water.

Telebrands is a company that specializes in “As Seen On TV” products, so much so they claim to have invented that phrase. They are accredited by the BBB and currently hold an A- rating; the BBB says this is because in spite of many complaints about products they are small relative to their size and are quickly resolved.

The Turbo Shot Pitch

This product is aimed at the homeowner that wants more versatility with their water. They show you plastic nozzles that break or don’t have a strong stream, contrasted by the “infinite” levels of water with the Turbo Shot. In addition to showing it stream through a ring held between two fingers with no overspray, they also show a line of bricks being knocked over from the Turbo Shot from 40 feet away.

How Turbo Shot Works

Turbo Shot touts it’s made from brass with precision ball bearings and a “no-leak” gasket inside (isn’t the very definition of a gasket that it doesn’t leak?) They boast Turbo Shot is so durable you can run over it with a truck and it will still work. To use Turbo Shot, attach to any hose or use with the Pocket Hose Ultra (included for extra fee).

They claim you now have a powerful, adjustable water system that can mist delicate flowers as well as get rid of grime on concrete. All the while, they promise you will use 40% less water than a standard nozzle.

Turbo Shot Costs:

$16.99 ($10 plus $6.99 shipping; you can add another Turbo Shot and the 25 ft. Pocket Hose Ultra for another $6.99 in fees.

The Telebrands/Turbo Shot “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

All Telebrands products, including Turbo Shot have a 100% Satisfaction  – note how it’s not 100% Money Back – Guarantee. This means, you can try Turbo Shot for 30 days and if it’s not a “blast” like they promise (or any other reason) you can return it for the $10, but not the shipping/handling. In addition to being responsible for return postage, you must also include a “detailed” written explanation about your adventures with Turbo Shot or they could deny your request.

Bottom Line: Is Turbo Shot a Scam?

This product is very new and has not accumulated any online reviews. Telebrands products themselves have a mixed reception from consumers. Turbo Shot only carries a 30 day guarantee, so we wonder how long it will last in the long run.

What do you think? Did you buy Turbo Shot and were you able to spray through a ring or knock down bricks like in the infomercial? Let us know below!

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