truVitaliti Dark Spot Correcting Formula is a skin crème that claims to erase UV damage that creates ugly blemishes that appear as we grow older. They promise if you use their Dark Spot Correcting Formula, you will be able to reverse the aging process faster than you ever thought possible.

How truVitality Tries to Convince You to Use their Dark Spot Correcting Formula

truVitality uses the art of the long-form pitch, in the guise of an auto-playing video that you can’t fast-forward through to take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride designed to scare you about aging and then reassure you that their product is the only solution that works.

The video features the voice of Belinda Benn, a “transformation coach” with a thick Australian accent who says that she spent years working for the cosmetics industry; she claims she quit working for them and promises to expose their “shocking” secrets.

Belinda then goes through a very long story, talking about how her own experience where the products she was selling was actually making her age faster. Then, when she started surfing and spending time in the sun, she started developing dark spots (sometimes known as “freckles”) due to UV exposure.

We’ll cut to the chase so you don’t have to watch the entire video: Belinda claims that the “weird fruit” that helped her get rid of her dark spots was the Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) grown in her home country, known for its very high concentration of vitamin C.

Belinda then goes on to assure you that this ingredient is one that the evil cosmetics industry doesn’t want you to know about because it’s natural and safe for the skin. She points to the dangers of skin-lightening cream made by many other companies that contain Hydroquinone (an ingredient banned in Europe but considered safe and effective by the FDA and by most medical professionals when used as directed).  

Belinda concludes by introducing truVitaliti Dark Spot Correcting Formula, which she offers at a special discount, free shipping, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

What Evidence Do They Provide to Show Their Dark Spot Formula Really Works

TruVitaliti has an impressive list of 88 footnotes to their video (which gives you some idea as to how long it is), which have titles like Topical vitamin C: a useful agent for treating photoaging and other dermatologic conditions, and Use of topical ascorbic acid and its effects on photodamaged skin topography.

However, it should be pointed out that even though these studies appear to be legitimate and show the potential for vitamin C to treat photoaging and skin spots, not one of the studies cited was specifically on Kakadu plum.

In fact, the one footnote that mentions Kakadu plum is the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) FDA application to sell supplements containing extracts from the fruit. Since supplements are not subject to approval by the FDA like a pharmaceutical drug requires, so long as the manufacturers provide evidence that the ingredient is safe, it can be sold (regardless of whether it works or not). 

Conclusion: Kakadu plum is safe and contains a lot of vitamin C. There is a lot of evidence that Vitamin C can help with aging spots. However, Kakadu plum is a hot new ingredient in many anti-aging cosmetics so it is hardly unique. But in spite of the massive hype, there is no scientific evidence that it helps better than any other vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) source 

Other Ingredients Listed in Dark Spot Correcting Formula

A “concentrated blend” of natural botanical extracts high in vitamin C. They don’t say what’s in this blend or how much Kakadu plum it contains.

Bearberry and Pine. We found a study showing bearberry decreased melanin by 40% (melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation) but this was done on a 3D skin model, not actual skin. Another study showed French maritime pine bark produced a clinically significant decrease in photoaging symptoms; however, this was when taken orally, not applied to the skin. 

Vitamin B3. This essential vitamin, according to Prevention Magazine, has been proven to reduce redness and inhibit transfer of pigment to skin cells. We did find one study, sponsored by Proctor and Gamble, that seemed to back up these claims. 

Marine Pearl Protein. We found one French study of calcium from mollusk shells appeared to show an increase in collagen growth, but this was in a Petri dish, not on a person. 

Conclusion: There is little evidence any of the other ingredients have an affect on skin spots, and their use of the word “concentrated blend” makes us wonder how much Kakadu plum is actually contained in the Dark Spot Formula.

How Much is truVitaliti Charging for Dark Spot Correcting Formula?

  • $59.99 for 1 bottle
  • $149.97 for 3 (the default “Recommended” order)
  • $269.94 for 6 (the “Best Deal”)

truVitaliti Dark Spot Corrector Refund and Money Back Guarantee Info

truVitaliti claims that your satisfaction is their top priority and says they offer an “iron clad” 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. BUT:

  • This 60 days is from the day you ordered it, not when it comes in the mail.
  • If you use the free shipping option, there is no guarantee when the product will arrive (you can pay an extra $23.70 for 2 business day delivery).
  • They must also receive the product within this 60 day time period.
  • At the bottom of the guarantee page it states: Those who do not comply with these rules will waive the right to a refund.

Bottom Line: Is truVitaliti Dark Spot Correcting Formula Worth the Price?

We couldn’t find any unbiased reviews of truVitaliti or its Dark Spot Formula as the product appears to still be very new (they put out an ad for a label and logo designer in April 2015). 

Generally speaking, vitamin C has been shown to help treat age spots, but it should also be mentioned that it takes a long time, doesn’t work with every person, and there are side effects of irritation or burning in some people.

And we’d like to remind you:

  • It’s very expensive.
  • There is no indication as to how much Kakadu plum is actually in the Dark Spot Correcting Formula.
  • The 60 days included in the guarantee starts from the day you order it and they must also receive the return before it ends. This can give you a smaller window of time to try the product than you think you have.

Alternatives to truVitaliti Dark Spot Correcting Formula

Again, generally speaking, any type of cream that contains L-ascorbic acid can help get rid of aging spots. In our investigation of expensive vs. cheap skin creams, we found that price had no factor in their effectiveness. And in spite of the controversy, Hydroquinone appears to be safe and effective so long it’s used as directed. 

But, you can perhaps get a similar spot-removing effect by using a homemade solution – HowStuffWorks has a few DIY recipes. Remember, none of these solutions are instant, and require patience and diligence. If your skin gets irritated, stop immediately. 

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Let us know your experience with truVtaliti Dark Spot Correcting Formula below!