TruthFinder is a website that says it allows you to do a public records search to find contact information, do a background check, find criminal records, and more. TruthFinder states that knowledge is power and that their easy to use interface pours over hundreds of millions of documents to provide a complete picture of the person you are searching for (even if that person is yourself).

What does TruthFinder do to help me find out info about a person?

TruthFinder boasts that their service goes beyond Google and searches the “deep web” uncovering information that normal search engines cannot find. They claim this will allow you to reconnect with old friends, classmates, family members, or anyone else that you may have lost touch with.

TruthFinder adds that some people go to great lengths to hide their past, and using their search application you can find out what they do not want you to know. Some of the information they say Truthfinder can uncover includes: social network posts including photos and videos, online activity, as well as arrest records, sex offender information, felonies, misdemeanors, and more. They promise your search is 100% private and no one will know you have looked them up.

TruthFinder states in their disclaimer that they are not complaint with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a law that allows potential employers to legally look into a person’s background before hiring or firing them. They add TruthFinder is not a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) either, which are overseen by the Government. Therefore, they warn you cannot use any of the information provided by TruthFinder to use when screening a potential employee, tenant, for insurance liabilities, or any other reason that falls under the FCRA.

Finally, TruthFinder states that “the information available may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date” and encourage you to not substitute their service for doing your own due diligence.

How much does it cost to search for someone on TruthFinder background check?

TruthFinder says in their terms and conditions they charge $18 per month for a Standard Membership Plan, billed immediately upon purchase. You are also agreeing to a monthly subscription, which continues indefinitely until you call and cancel. TruthFinder adds they may offer “Non-Standard Membership Plans” as well.

When we visited TruthFinder, we were offered 3 different levels of membership: one month of unlimited reports for $16.71 per month, 3 months of unlimited reports for $15.71 (billed at once at $47.13) or 6 months at $13.71 ($82.26 due today).

Also, after you subscribe and do a search on someone, TruthFinder offers an “opportunity” (meaning an upsell) to a Premium Report for $14.95 each, which may include more detailed information like old phone numbers, criminal records from a third data source, weapons registered, neighbors, business associates, and more.

The TruthFinder terms note that with your subscription you are agreeing to waive your right to take them to court or join any class action lawsuits, what is known as an arbitration agreement. TruthFinder also has a Negative Option Clause, meaning unless you take affirmative action and cancel your service, they may withdraw the money from your bank account or charge your credit card without further permission.

How do I cancel my TruthFinder subscription?

TruthFinder customer service can be reached at (800) 699-8081 24 hours a day. They state you can cancel at any time, but you will be responsible for any bills already issues to you.

TruthFinder states you may also request a single refund for your Standard Membership Plan; however, they add that every refund request is processed on a case by case basis, and they may refuse multiple refund requests or those they feel are in “bad faith”.

How do I remove my information from the TruthFinder database?

TruthFinder claims they respect your privacy and if you would like to be removed from their listings, you must fill out this form. TruthFinder does admit that while they may remove your background report, since they do not have the actual records or information, this data may be accessible to others on other websites or Government databases. TruthFinder says your name may still show up as a possible relative or associate of others and they do not remove sex offender location data. You may also still use TruthFinder to search for others even if you opt-out of your own info being listed.

Bottom Line: TruthFinder may have potential but can be expensive and possibly inaccurate

TruthFinder is a relatively new service (launched in March 2015) and we were reasonably impressed and somewhat unnerved when this writer looked up his own information before signing up – they accurately listed all my family members.

They also take pains to warn you to not use their info in a malicious or illegal manner.

Reviews on their own website are generally positive (of course) but limited and somewhat mixed. There were only 4 when we looked, and the 2 5-star reviews talked about how great the customer service was, and little else.

The 2 3-star reviews were a little more telling: One said it had “potential” but wasn’t quite there yet – this was a review shortly after the TruthFinder launch. The other one was a little more angry:

“Your site has listed for Anne Bratcher (Anne H/Holmes Bratcher) a possible relative Joseph Allen Bratcher. Please remove his name from his list. Anne is my mother, and Joseph Allen is my half-brother, born to my father and his mistress 12 years AFTER my parents divorced. Mother would be highly offended if she knew that Joseph Allen Bratcher were listed as one of her possible relatives! Please correct this error ASAP!!!”

And if you do your own “background check” on TruthFinder (via Google search) you will find complaints on non-affiliate websites complaining of having to pay TruthFinder for very basic information, much of which they say is inaccurate or listed as “coming soon”.

While those complaints can’t be verified, the Better Business Bureau website has one negative review from October 2015, which states: “Worst background site ever! Couldnt [sic] even find myself, and i have a history. My wife was on there but the info was over 4 years outdated. Do not waste your money.” It should be noted that the BBB does give them an A- Rating, and this review can’t be verified either.

Our conclusion is that while it may have a slick interface and be easy to use, you can probably find much of this information on your own with a little more effort. We can help you do this: