Tru Balance is an orthopedic soft slipper that the makers promise will realign, rejuvenate, and reenergize feet that suffer from over pronation. They boast its Flex Step design lifts the arch and supports your entire foot to instantly help relieve pain in ankles, knees, and lower back.

Tru Balance is said to have been invented by Jack Milbourn, a Certified Orthotist from Springfield, Illionois with 40 years of experience treating people with foot problems. The Tru Balance slippers are sole-d by Idea Village, a direct marketing company with an A+ BBB rating.

The Tru Balance Pitch

Tru Balance is targeted at women who wear high heels all day and suffer from it. They tout that it was invented by an orthotist and show you the Patent number to impress you (7472495 B2). They pepper the infomercial and website with quotes from what they say are real women who wear these slippers. They may be hoping you associate or confuse the name with New Balance, a popular running shoe who have no affiliation with this product.

What is Over Pronation?

Pronation is the natural movement of the foot when the weight is transferred from front to back and the foot rolls inwards; over pronation can be hereditary, due to aging, or from running or walking in high heels.  Essentially, it causes the arch to collapse and the ankle to bow inward. Over pronation can cause pain and injury up and down the legs and generally isn’t too pretty.

How Tru Balance Works

Tru Balance looks kind of like a ballet slipper and comes in black, pink, or navy and sizes medium or large. They state the outer shell is made from neoprene with a non-slip grip and “pinsonic” vents for breathability. They claim the specially designed insole is made from Plastazote and will support the arch and instantly re-align the foot, helping bone and muscles return to their proper position, relieving your pain. They caution that Tru Balance are meant for indoor use only.

Tru Balance Costs

$19.99, which they promise includes free shipping. You may try Tru Balance for 30 days and if they do not offer the support and relief as promised, you may return for the $19.99 back, but you have to pay the return shipping.

Bottom Line: Is Tru Balance a Scam?

These slippers may indeed offer pain relief and alignment for your feet but:

  • These slippers are designed for indoor use only around the house.
  • Some say, including this article from Dr. Hamid Sadri, that wearing an orthotic for over pronation without consulting a doctor can cause further injuries.
  • When you purchase Tru Balance, you are also signing a binding arbitration agreement, which prevents you from suing them in court or joining a class action lawsuit.
  • The Tru Balance Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you with other products or services via telephone, email, or snail mail as well as give this info to third parties to do the same.

We feel these are a few things to consider before purchasing Tru Balance slippers.

What do you think? Did you buy Tru Balance and did they help with over pronation or are your feet hurting worse? Let us know!