Triple Smooth is a pink, U-shaped hair remover with 3 rolling springs that promises virtually painless hair removal from any area of the body. They claim these coils will pull hair from the roots and the gentle pressure will make you feel no pain.

Triple Smooth is brought to you by Telebrands. These folks sell dozens of products via infomercial-and-web. They have an A- BBB rating in spite of hundreds of complaints from consumers about advertising, billing or product issues because the BBB says these issues are quickly resolved.

The Triple Smooth Pitch

This product is clearly targeted at women looking to epilate areas of their body and don’t want or like to use razors: the product is pink and all of the models are female. Well, except for the hairy male arm they use to show you how Triple Smooth even works on coarse hair. In contrast, to show you how gentle it is, they rub the Triple Smooth across a balloon, which doesn’t burst.

The (Brief) History of the Epilator

Triple Smooth is a spring-type of epilator. These all involve a curved coil that rolls across the skin, yanking out the hairs as it goes. The first one was electric and introduced in Israel in 1986. Now there are many models and brands of epilator, both electric and manual, as well as ones that utilize rotating discs or a tweezer-type motion to pluck out the tiny hairs (thanks, Wikipedia!)

How Triple Smooth Works

Triple Smooth has 3 curved coils across its “U.” To use it, glide across any area of the skin that you feel has too many follicles. They exclaim its angled handle makes it easy to use even around knees or ankles. They state the 3 springs give you a triple pass over the area that will make it completely smooth. They add because of the pressure from how it’s held, it won’t hurt as the hairs are plucked.

Triple Smooth Costs:

$16.99 ($10 plus $6.99 P&H) they also include Slow Grow Lotion (size unknown). If you want a second Triple Smooth/Lotion set, add another $6.99 in fees at time of order. You have 30 days to try Triple Smooth for your initial $10 back, but you must make sure to include a written explanation with your return or they could deny you. Regardless, they keep the P&H.

Bottom Line: Is Triple Smooth a Scam?

Telebrands markets a large variety of products, some more useful than others and they have varying degrees of customer satisfaction. Epilators like these do work for some women, who find them less painful and more convenient than waxing or shaving. However, you should know:

  • Some people with sensitive skin might still find this method very painful. They also could develop a rash.
  • Some women with fine hair complain epilators can’t grasp their hairs.
  • This product doesn’t have replaceable springs, so it may not work as well with repeated use
  • There is nothing wrong with you if you have “peach fuzz” on your body!

With these in mind, please tell us what you think. Did you buy Triple Smooth and did it work as painlessly as promised? Or are you mad and you have a rash? Let us know!