Triple Slicer from Telebrands is a handheld tool that claims to be a revolutionary 3-in-1 razor sharp slicer for the kitchen. They tout Triple Slicer has a hardened steel blade for peeling, a one-of-a-kind julienne blade for salads, and a ceramic blade for slices thick or thin.

How does the Triple Slicer work to slice my fruits and veggies?

Triple Slicer looks kind of like a giant green disposable razor, albeit for fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. It has 3 separate blades, which you select by twisting the knob. First, they state there is a hardened stainless steel blade, which can thinly peel the skin off fruits or vegetables. Next, you have a julienne blade that they state creates long thin strips perfect for salads or pasta-like veggies. Finally, there is a ceramic blade they say is razor sharp and perfect for cutting the cheese.

How much do they charge for the Triple Slicer slicing tool?

Telebrands lists Triple Slicer as $19.99 plus $7.99 in shipping and handling and includes a decorating tool and looping peeler for fancier cuts of fruit for a total of $27.98.

Triple Slicer refund information

Triple Slicer comes with Telebrand’s “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” but this translates into a standard 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling. You also have to pay to ship Triple Slicer back and include the original packaging as well as a written explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse to give you credit.

Telebrands customer service: 855-668-1655.

Bottom Line: Is the Triple Slicer a great way to slice or peel foods?

Slicing tools like the Triple Slicer have long been popular in the infomercial world (“it slices, it dices”) and Telebrands is the King of “As Seen on TV” products. Does this make for an excellent combination or a nightmare?

While there are no specific reviews of Triple Slicer, there are plenty of reviews about Telebrands, and generally speaking they are not good. Currently, Telebrands has a D rating from the BBB due to over 1100 complaints in the last 3 years regarding sneaky pricing, upselling, lousy customer service, and crappy products.

In July of 2015, Telebrands settled a lawsuit by the state of New Jersey, where the company agreed to revise its sales tactics (including its automated ordering system) and pay $550,000 in fines. Telebrands also has to pay for a consumer affairs liaison to monitor compliance.

Whether Telebrands changes its tune is yet to be seen, but in the meantime we’ll give you some advice about any “As Seen On TV” product: wait until it is available at a reputable online retailer, for example Target, Walgreens, or Amazon.

Or, better yet, wait until it’s being sold at your local brick-and-mortar retailer. A secret Telebrands doesn’t want you to know is that they make 90% of their sales in person, not online or over the phone.

And, in spite of the fact that they call Triple Slicer “revolutionary” there are plenty of other 3-in-1 stainless steel slicers in the marketplace. One of the most popular and best reviewed on Amazon is iPerfect Kitchen Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Julienne and Vegetable Peeler with Cleaning Brush which has a 4.8 rating from 902 customer reviews. That’s pretty sharp!

Let us know your experience with Triple Slicer below!

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