TouCan from Telebrands bills itself as the world’s easiest hands-free can opener. They claim TouCan is perfect for people with arthritis or joint pain as all you do is place TouCan on top, press a button, and it will rotate around the lip all by itself. 

How TouCan Opener Works

TouCan looks more like a black-and-white ladybug than a toucan – it’s round and flat underneath and is activated by a button. To use TouCan, place on the can you would like opened; they state its uniquely designed blade will clamp it in place. Then, with the press of the button, TouCan comes to life, “eating” around the lip in a 360-degree motion – they add it has twice the power of other electric can openers. When the lid is dislodged, they claim a powerful magnet holds it in place as you lift it up, allowing you to easily dispose in the trash.

It’s unclear how TouCan’s mechanism works – Telebrands customer service had no information about a battery or if it is replaceable. 

TouCan Opener Cost:

$16.99 ($10 plus $6.99 S&H) for one TouCan. If you would like a second TouCan, you can add one for an additional $6.99 in shipping fees. 

While Telebrands claims TouCan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will only get your initial $10 back if you return it within 30 days – they will keep any additional fees and you will have to pay to ship it back to them (TouCan cannot fly). You also have to include a written explanation as to why you don’t like TouCan or they may say no to your request.

Bottom Line: Is TouCan Opener a Good Product?

We understand the frustration people have with regular can openers, especially those older adults with stiff joints, so TouCan seems to be very promising. As of February 2015, this product is still very new so customer reviews are not available.

We’d still like to point out a few things. First, does it need a battery and if so what kind and is it replaceable? (Customer service had no information.) 

Second, you should know that Telebrands currently has an F rating from the BBB due to almost 1500 complaints in the last three years. They were recently sued by the state of New Jersey for violating their Consumer Fraud Act, aggressively upselling products through their automated telephone system. Telebrands denies they have done anything wrong and have recently added a live customer service option at (855) 668-1655.

We’d also like to inform you that TouCan is hardly the only automatic electric can opener on the market. If you do a product search, you can shop and compare prices and reviews. 

Let us know your experience with TouCan below!