Tone Tee is a company that sells t-shirts described as “body shaping fitware” and carry a promise that they will make you look slimmer as soon as you put one on. They claim Tee Tone’s secret is they are engineered to fit firmly and comfortably against your skin, compressing target areas like love handles and back fat resulting in a slimmer-looking you.

What is The “Technology” Behind Tone Tee?

Tone Tee’s slogan is “How It’s Made Matters” and claims its undershirts are Seam-FREE 360 High-Tech Fabric and come with “precision core compression bands.” In other words, Tone tee is a kind of a combination shirt, compression garment, and waist trainer that tightens around your midsection in order to make you appear a little thinner.

The Tone Tee Sales Pitch

Tone Tee positions itself as the secret solution to looking slimmer and getting the ladies’ attention. First, they show you a guy wearing a Tone Tee shirt that has obviously been to the gym.

Screen grab of Tone Tee's video

Then they show a regular guy with a “dad bod” wearing the shirt.

Screen grab of Tone Tee's video

Is there really much of a difference aside from the fact that on the left he’s slouching?

Then they show him in “action” aka walking down the street with the Tone Tee underneath his clothes.

Screen grab of Tone Tee's video

Can you say “chick magnet”?

The Before/Afters

Tone Tee has several Before/After pictures that attempt to bolster the idea that once you put it on it makes you fit and sexy instantly. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that these people are merely slouching and sticking out their gut in the Before and sucking in their gut in the After.

Before/After picture of Tone Tee


Before/After picture of Tone Tee

What Are They Charging for Tone Tee T-shirts?

Tone Tee is selling a vest (aka a sleeveless A-shirt) or a regular t-shirt for $29.95, which includes free processing and handling. Tone Tees come in black or white and sizes from small to XXX-large.

Tone Tee Refund Policy

Tone Tee t-shirts are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. The website and infomercial state this money back guarantee excludes processing and handling, but since P&H is said to be free we called customer service for an explanation; however, customer service did not have any further information on Tone Tees as the product appears to be new (at least in the US).

What Are Reviewers Saying About Tone Tee?

Tone Tee originally appeared in the UK, so many of the reviews have a distinctly British flavor. Frost Magazine gave it to one of their writers to try and he reported:

“It works on paunches and moobs but won’t make you look stones lighter than you are. Still impressed though.”

Tone Tee
Photo: Frost Magazine

A reviewer for Sloane magazine was similarly nonplussed saying about Tone Tee:

“It certainly is very tight and held back some flabbiness which was great but we didn’t experience the extreme level of slimness as shown on their press release.”

They gave it a 6.1 out of 10.

The blogger at Pocketful of Rye (“a mum’s guide to a happy home”) gave it to her hubby and noted what she said is the obvious:

“…your average man is not going to suddenly look like an iron man; Robert Downey Jnr. is not about to appear in your kitchen; but there is no denying that definition is improved and – as any woman who has ever worn granny knickers will understand – confidence is boosted.”

Customer Tone Tee Reviews

Actual Brits who bought Tone Tee on are a bit less kind, as it averages 3.5 stars from 165 reviews. Many people complain that because it’s so tight it’s difficult to put on and take off or it’s too small to fit. (However, several 4 and 5 star reviewers make the point that it’s supposed to be tight.)

One particularly colorful reviewer noted:

It was hot, uncomfortable, actually emphasised [sic] fat by creating a Chesterfield chair effect and squeezed so tight I instantly needed the loo (both). After five minutes my abdomen started aching. I'm not even fat, fat… bit of padding due to cider.”

Chesterfield chair

In case you were wondering what a Chesterfield chair looked like.

Another said:

“The best way I can describe this T-Shirt is that it doesn't make you slimmer.
What it does do is tighten up any loose flab you have.”

Yet another said:

“Total rubbish.”

Conclusion: Tone Tee shirts are purposely snug and may make you look a wee bit more fit, but don’t expect that beer gut to magically disappear.

WARNING About Tone Tee Shapers

Any shapewear garment like Tone Tee is designed for a temporary image/confidence boost. Do not wear Tone Tee for long periods of time if makes you feel faint and do not wear Tone Tee while exercising if it restricts your breathing.

Alternative Options to Tone Tee

There are many other options to Tone Tee as shapewear t-shirt products appear to be gaining popularity with men. We found Hoter Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Vest with a similar rating to Tone Tee. Powerbody Men’s Shapewear Crew T-Shirt offers a third option.

Then again, you could probably get a similar effect by putting on a t-shirt that’s a size or 2 smaller.

You could also stop drinking so much beer. (Just sayin’.)

Final Conclusion About Tone Tee:

Tone Tee may smooth out a few lumps as long as you keep your expectations low.

Let us know your experience with Tone Tee below!

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