Toilet Spear isn’t a new World of Warcraft Weapon, it’s a device from Telebrands that they promise makes cleaning your commode faster and easier than using a traditional toilet brush. They claim Toilet Spear is longer, has a rubbery tip so you can get in hard-to-reach places, and is “infused” with silver compounds that fights bacteria.

How Toilet Spear Works

Toilet Spear is a tool to clean the bowl of your toilet that does looks vaguely like a spear. They state it’s longer than a traditional toilet brush but no dimensions were available. Instead of bristles, there is a rubber squeegee-like device on the bottom that they insist will clean better and is less messy. They add both Toilet Brush’s handle and its tip contain silver compounds (silver is known to have antibacterial properties) to ward off germs. 

Toilet Spear Costs

At least $23.98 for 2 – this is pitched as “only $10” and if you buy one you get another, but the fine print reveals that they charge you $6.99 in S&H for the first one and again for the second. 

In addition, the option for adding a Toilet Spear Light costing $12.99 is selected by default, so unless you un-check the box you will be getting that (and paying for it) too.

Toilet Spear comes with a 30-day money back guarantee; however, this only includes the $10 and not the $13.98 in fees. The return policy also states “Exceptions may apply.” We called Telebrands customer service to find out what that meant, and they explained that all orders must include a written explanation or your refund could be refused.

Bottom Line: Is Toilet Brush a Nifty Idea?

Make no mistake about it: toilet brushes are gross. Therefore the idea behind Toilet Spear is certainly promising; however we could find no reliable consumer reviews. Also:

  • Telebrands currently (December 2014) has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau due to almost 1700 complaints in the last 3 years.
  • The State of New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Telebrands in August 2014 due to aggressive upsells, shipping and billing of unwanted products, and lousy customer service. (The case is still pending and Telebrands vigorously denies the accusations.)

But perhaps the biggest “red flag” is Toilet Spear’s sneaky pricing where the shipping and handling fees are more expensive than the product itself. That means, even if you return Toilet Spear, you are out $13.98 plus whatever it costs to ship back.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Toilet Spear. Let us know what you think below!