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No Auto-Enrollment?

Mar 19, 2015 | | Massachusetts

I found this review, and also looked into the Terms and Conditions and found where the auto-enrollment is mentioned, but I'm left a bit confused.

I ordered a 30-day trial at the end of January, 2015. I was only ever billed the advertised $4.95 for shipping. I tried the product, and that was that. I can't say after one month I noticed any drastic difference, but as it tends to do, my hair has grown a bit.

I called today to ensure there was no existing account for me, and a very polite representative informed me that there is not. He found my trial, and said that was it - he shows nothing of me enrolling in anything afterwards. I have not been charged by them in any amount since my initial order.

So, again, I find the prior reviews a bit confusing. I am sorry for any trouble other people have had with this website, but thought it was fair to share a different experience as well. I

I only check that I wouldn't recommend this to a friend because the other reviews have me concerned that something has changed recently.

Scam. Horrible business

Mar 18, 2015 | | Taylors

Ordered this product for the 30 day trial at 4.95. The next day checked my account and found that I was charged an additional 1.99 for something I did not sign up for. Called into the call center and spoke to the rudest, unprofessional rep ever. He did cancel my subscription, so I thought, until a month later I was charged 87.47. I call the center and got a different rude rep who told me I would not receive a refund. Spoke with a supervisor who cared less that I cancelled the subscription and did not receive any product. He offered me half of the money back which I refused and he hung the phone up on me.

The next day I called back to resolve the issues, advising the same and to confirm the address the product was sent to. They provided me with the wrong address and when I called them on it they refused to have any more conversation and started attacking my character. The reps and supervisors are rude and unprofessional. They will yell at you and hang the phone up if you try to get one word in. They were like kids on the phone and you can even hear them talking about the customers in the back ground. One rep said they even placed a note on my account to hang up when I called in, so he was not going to speak to me because they are not going to refund my money.

This company is an absolute scam! Do not order from them or you will regret it! I will pursue this through my bank further, which will take forever. Wish there was a way to alert everyone that cross their website to not do business with crooks. Can not believe I fell victim to this scam! FYI everyone there claims to be the supervisor and none of them can answer any questions about the company. I was even told by a so called supervisor that the reps shouldn't have to go over there terms and conditions with me and that I was just calling to be difficult.

Horrible customer service

Mar 18, 2015 | | Toronto

Went on their website, made the mistake of leaving my info there with them. The next day, I got a very persistent sales representative calling me, asking me to pay one fee of $4.99 for shipping and handling to get my "risk-free 30 day trial". After signing up for it, I went on this site and found out this is a total loser scam. Called them back not even 24 hours after, asking them to cancel my order and a very rude sales rep told me my order is already processed and cannot be canceled. I have to receive the package and send it back to them with the unused pills for 21 days. The cost of shipping the product back to Colorado is $25. I said "can't you just cancel my order now before it's shipped, so I can save the $25?" They said no.

So I called and canceled my credit card. Wonder what's going to happen next.

Do NOT fall for this scam.

Customer service

Mar 11, 2015 | | Brackley PEI, Canada

So before reading these reviews, I unfortunately had already ordered the "free trial". But now after reading them, I called customer service to ensure that they do not auto bill me and send more product to which she said., "I can cancel your whole order". I said, "Well I would like to try it, but if I like it, I will call and reorder." Her response was that their she can cancel it now or not ma'am. So I said., " then just cancel" They eave me thinking either you get auto billed or you get squat. They are pretty much relying on people to be auto billed. This is bull crap.

Need legal advice!

Mar 11, 2015 | | Australia


I am from Western Australia and also brought this product. Called the number immediately after purchase as something was fishy about the whole thing and it was an Insurance company also. They told me that they had a number of calls for this and it was a scam. So we called the bank and got a new card etc. A few days later the pills arrived. Is it a scam? I can't contact the company? The number is now disconnected now and to be able to return the item you need a ref number otherwise they wont accept it. There t&c are pretty full on which makes me even more uncomfortable. I fear that even though the card has been changed and they don't have the number that months or even years down the track I will get a invoice and forced to pay. We need to get some legal advice on this ASAP.

Scam! Do not order!

Mar 9, 2015 | | Edmonton, Canada

Wow where to begin. Yes I ordered the free trial but within 1/2 hours emailed to cancel. Product just arrived last week but just found out today my credit card was charged February 26,2015. It was charged in USA funds although I ordered it on a Canadian site.

I tried calling the number on the bottle and woke up some lady who stated she has been getting tons of calls regarding different products and this was her home number.

I called my credit card and when I pulled up the cancel email it is now all encrypted. Couldn't even read it.

I tried to email the company couldn't find or it wouldn't take my emails.

I got a different phone number from my credit card and it kept hanging up on me.

When i got the order in the mail, i put it right back to return. Now I'm not sure what will happen.

Please don't order anything From any internet company.

Stop before you order anything!


Mar 8, 2015 | | Quebec, Canada

I momentarily believed their crap and ordered but then decided to cancel. I called to cancel 2 minutes after ordering and they told me that I would have to pay 30$ to cancel my order because I was canceling before 24 hours. I then got a call from the fraud services of my credit card company asking if I had made some purchases and when I asked what they were talking about, they told me I had been charged over 35$ for a few products that I've never even heard of. I had to block and destroy my credit card so that they can't use it again. I called back and after arguing with the extremely rude lady, she canceled my order (which I hope she did).

This TLS crap is junk, it's a scam, the customer services is nonsense, and it's nothing more than BS crap. One of the worse mistakes I've ever made was to order this. DO NOT ORDER because it will give you nothing but a headache.

TLS hair product is a scam, their representatives are arrogant and rude.

Mar 6, 2015 | | Canada

I just got off the phone with the TLS representatives, they were so rude I couldn't believe it. I asked for a cancelation letter but they refused to cancel my account. If they send you a letter but keep sending you product and harassing you, they can be charged for fraud. Now how can that be if they refuse to cancel your account and send a physical letter stating this?

Ultimately, if you fail to return the product and pay extra for shipping and handling, you will be charged regardless and your account will remain open. The order should be here on the 13th, which leaves less than 24 hours to return this product.

Please do not order this mess.

Mar 4, 2015 | | Greenville

SCAM. I ordered TLS and called in 2 days to cancel. 1 month later I check my card and they charged me 87.46. When I called to inquire, they claim I did not cancel and can not refund my money. And they were very rude. I also was charge 1.99 for 2 months for something, I don't know what.

Help for those who have been suckered like myself.

Mar 3, 2015 | | Edmonton, AB

I have yet to receive my bottle, however it hasn't been a full two weeks yet. As the curious cat I am I decided to get some further information on the product, after browsing the web for over an hour I finally found some written reviews on how terrible this scam is.

I decided to check my bank statement, and on the initial day of purchase, I was charged an extra 26$ without knowledge, I only knew of the 6$ I was paying for a free trial...

So I immediately called my bank, they told me the only way to ensure that they can't remove anymore funds from my account was to cancel my card, and get a new one from the bank.

I won't wait the two weeks to find out that they removed an extra 87$ that's ridiculous!

If anyone is having trouble getting their money back, best of luck to you, I imagine the best way it's to have your bank open an investigation, of course it will take a while, but it's worth it. At least for those who like me, seen these helpful reviews about the scam, there's a quick way to prevent any further loss of money.

Scam Hair Product

Mar 2, 2015 | | Muscatie, Iowa

This is the biggest scam I have ever had the misfortune to try.

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