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Completely Misleading and a Rip-Off

Jul 17, 2015 | | Brisbane, Australia

When I originally ordered the 30 Day Free Trial, the saleswoman promised I would be emailed with all the information regarding the product. This email never came. She also said I would have the product within a week. 4 weeks later it has still not arrived. Thus far I have only been charged postage of AUD $6.40. I rang the Australian hotline number to cancel the subscription as it hadn't arrived more than a month later and was informed that I would not be charged for the product and that when it arrives I should write RTS (return to sender) on the package to send it back, free of charge.

The customer service rep assured me I wouldn't be charged for the product, but I will be watching my bank account very closely. If the charge is put through I will be immediately speaking to my bank provider and dishonoring the charge. I was assured I would not have to pay any more than the postage to get the package here so if they do charge me, their withdrawal from my account will be taken right back off them and they will no longer be able to access my account. I recommend the same to anyone else who has ordered the product.

I recently learned from a friend who also signed up to try the product, that when she tried hers she almost immediately began suffering difficulty breathing and broke out in a splotchy red skin rash on her chin and neck.

It is possibly just an allergic reaction, but the fact that the company does not provide a list of ingredients used in the pills. Outside of the bottle packaging and that the packaging does not offer any supposedly mandatory health information, such as warnings of possible reactions and what to do in such instances. Makes the product seem very dodgy indeed to me.

TLS hair is definitely a scam product designed to swindle women out of their money for absolutely no gain by taking advantage of their body-confidence issues. The models on the website do not endorse the product, the 14 day free-cancelation period is a complete joke seeing as most products don't even arrive within that time, and the sales people were both rather rude to me when I spoke to them.

If you are having trouble with your hair quality, speak to a stylist and if growth has become an issue for you, see your GP about it. It's more than likely that you have an underlying health issue responsible for the decrease in growth and hair quality. It most certainly will not be fixed via the consumption of unlabeled herbal supplements with debatable effectiveness. The bottle even says "Not FDA approved".

Trust me ladies, this one's an even bigger scam than weight-loss pills/fads and you should not have to suffer over it.

Do not buy this product.


Jul 13, 2015 | | California

They are going to charge you after 14 days. Call them ASAP. Cancel your subscription. They already charged me $10 for the shipping. More money for sending it back again.

Not worth

Jul 9, 2015 | | Illinois

I bought the product after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. It said on there that for 4.95 you would receive a free trial for the product. When I got my product they put the pill supplements in there but also included the Argan oil. I did not sign up to purchase the Argan oil but I thought it was a free gift or something. I was very wrong. After I already opened my bottle I saw on the paper that came with it that the trial would only be 14 days and after that they would charge the full 89.95 to my account. So I immediately called to cancel my "subscription".

When I called the lady I spoke to was very nice and understanding. However I told her I wanted to cancel. She said that was alright but because I had already opened the bottle I would have to pay $19.95 even though I never took the pills. I also had to pay $19.95 for the Argan oil which I didn't even order in the first place. After speaking to her supervisor she told me that she would just charge me $9.95 for each since I didn't use the pills and I didn't even order the oil. Though it wasn't ideal I appreciated the customer care service for being at least partially fair. In conclusion this product is basically a scam and even if you do decide to return your order in the 14 day period you are basically paying 19.95 plus 4.95 shipping and handling. I have yet to see if the pills work but from these reviews I wouldn't trust them. So just stay away from this product.

Got mine but did not try it

Jul 5, 2015 | | Australia

I didn't know about the $87 charge a month after trying the free trial. I must of not seen it. I've had it past 14 days now and the bottle is still unused. Can I still send it back or cancel this whole TLS thing instead ?


Jun 29, 2015 | | Australia

Had the same issue as everyone else, the cheeky monkeys tried to take $139 out of my account didn't work so they settled with $119. My product took one month to arrive and then the next week they charged me! So I canceled my card immediately. If you think something is "too good to be true" it usually is and don't fall for it.


Jun 27, 2015 | | Houston, TX

I thought to give this product a try. Within the first week I noticed my hair started falling out a lot. I mean my hair has before due to stress but I mean now it's just not stopping. I stopped taking it, so ladies don't bother with this.

That was very scary

Jun 25, 2015 | | Canada

I seen their ad on Facebook and ordered a 21 day trial bottle. They took $6.30 out of my account. After I had ordered it, I had seen that the pictures they show are paid models and not even TLS user's. So I looked into it a bit more and realized I had just made the biggest mistake ever. Fortunately, I called them not even 20 minutes of placing my order. The first time I had called I wasn't even able to understand the person I was talking to. I called back again and spoke to a different person. Luckily, the lady was fine with me canceling my order. Had no problem with it. But I will definitely be watching my account. The lady said my money will be returned to me in 48 hours or 5 business day. But we will see about that. My first time ever ordering something online.

Jeep taking money out of my account.

Jun 23, 2015 | | South Australia

I'm trying to call to cancel my order and I can't find a number that works. They keep taking money out of my account and I haven't received anything. Someone please help.


Jun 22, 2015 | | Australia

TLS is a scam, please don't fall for it. Can someone please help me with how I can get through to these people? I need to cancel it and I have already tried to call the numbers that have been listed.

Hate TLS' sneaky way of doing business

Jun 17, 2015 | | Regina, SK

They are scam artist. They have misleading approaches to selling and take peoples money without their full understanding of it being taken. Not trustworthy at all. They are snakes. Once my shipments are canceled I will never get any more of this crap. And will highly recommend people don't get this.


Jun 16, 2015 | | Sydney

Watch out everyone. If you order the so called free trial you have to send it back within 14 days of receiving it or they keep your bank account details and charge you $87 for the so called ''free trial'' you already paid shipping for. Apparently it's in terms and conditions (but I read them and did not see that). So today I got my package in the mail and I had to return it UN-OPENED and that cost me $25 for shipping. All for nothing. They are scammers! I have wasted my money on shipping something back that I didn't even get to try.

So make sure you are aware of this $87 charge if you are ordering this product.

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