TLS Hair is a supplement that the sellers promise will give you thicker, longer, stronger hair, hence the name. They promise it will promote healthy hair growth, increase density, as well as strengthen nails and lengthen lashes. (Sorry guys, this product is intended for women, not to help with baldness.)

How TLS Hair Works

They don’t state what the ingredients of TLS Hair are, except to say they are natural. To “prove” the results, they show the back of a woman’s head after 0, 14, and 30 days; the pictures appear to show longer hair, but since we can’t see her face we don’t really know if it’s the same person. 

In addition, the fine print says: “This product is not endorsed by the featured models on this website. Results may vary.”

The TLS Hair Trial Offer

TLS Hair wants you to try their product so you can see for yourself how good it works. First, you have to put in your full name, address, phone and email and agree to the Terms & Conditions, which gives them permission to solicit you “via direct mail, email, online, and telemarketing.” (Even if you don’t complete your order they will keep this information.)

Next, when you get to the order page they state your 30-day trial supply of TLS Hair is $4.95 for the shipping. However, there is a LOT of fine print. 

First, unless you call cancel and return the unused bottle within 14 days from date of order (NOT receipt of product) you will be billed $87.47 and enrolled in an auto-ship program which will send you a new bottle every 30 days. You will be billed $87.47 for each bottle of TLS Hair sent. 

Also, if you check the box to include the Fit Club (a website with articles on health and fitness) you will be charged an additional $1.99 a month. You have to call a separate number to cancel this product. 

Bottom Line: Is TLS Hair a Scam?

If you are a woman with thinning or dull hair, the promise of TLS Hair certainly seems appealing. However, there are many reasons why women lose their hair, including stress, iron deficiency, or too much Vitamin A; dying or crimping too much can also be a factor. 

There is also hereditary condition that affects 30 million women – for more information see Women and Hair Loss: Possible Causes (Web MD). If you are experience sudden hair loss, see your doctor. 

And while certain vitamins and minerals can help with hair growth (see Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair also from WebMD) we should also remind you: there is no listing of the ingredients in TLS Hair, so you don’t know what you are getting.  

To top it off, remember the cancelation period is extremely short – 14 days from order date, not receipt.

If you do order – or even fill out the web form to get to the order page – prepare yourself to be solicited in every conceivable manner. 

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