Titan Twist Mop from Tristar Products is a new mop that promises you can use it to clean up messes without lugging around a bucket full of dirty water. They claim you can use it wet or dry and it’s easy to rinse clean: just put it under the sink, twist it, pop it open, and Titan Twist Mop is ready to use again.

How Titan Twist Mop Works

Titan Twist Mop looks like a flat, turquoise-colored mop; however, there are a few things they say makes it different from others. First, they insist you don’t need to use it with a mop bucket, which gets dirty quickly, or any cleaning chemicals, which they state can be harmful to you or your kids.

Second, the outer lining of the mop head is covered in a microfiber cloth, which they claim absorbs messes much better than traditional sponge or cotton. Also, underneath the microfiber is a shammy cloth, which they state can absorb 10 times its weight.

Finally, they tout the base head swivels 360 degrees so it can get in corners and tight spaces and has an extension pole to reach ceiling moldings. They add you can use it wet, or dry to pick up dust bunnies. When it’s dirty, you either rinse it out under the sink and twist the handle to wring it out, or put the cloth pad in the washing machine – they claim these pads are designed for hundreds of uses.

Titan Twist Mop Costs…

$59.96 is the default for 2 Titan Twist Mops, listed as 2 payments of $19.99 plus $9.99 S&H for the first plus an additional $9.99 in fees for the second. However, you can choose to get just one Titan Twist Mop if you switch the “Yes” to “No” – then it will cost $49.97.

Titan Twist Mop comes with both a 60-day money back guarantee and a 60-day limited warranty. You should note that if you do return it they will still keep any shipping and handling fees and if you need a replacement they will charge you an additional $7.99 to cover return postage (you will also have to pay to ship it to them). 

Each Titan Twist Mop Includes:

  • Titan Twist Mop
  • Microfiber Mop Pad
  • Microfiber Dust Pad
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Bottom Line: Is Titan Twist Mop a Scam?

Reviews are not yet in on Titan Twist Mop – we do like its 60-day money back guarantee but aren’t so crazy about the $7.99 you have to pay for a replacement should it break within the (relatively short) warranty period.

If you don’t like lugging around a bucket and/or using a lot of chemicals on your surfaces, Titan Twist Mop does show promise. If water isn’t enough, you may want to consider some of these 66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions from Real Simple.  

Tristar Products currently (as of February 2015) has an A+ rating from the BBB; while they have had 939 complaints in the last 3 years, the BBB says this number is low compared to the volume of orders and all of them have been successfully resolved. 

Let us know your experience with Titan Twist Mop below!