Titan Peeler from Tristar Products boasts it’s the best slicer you’ll ever own because it will cut prep time in half and its stainless steel blade will never get dull. Titan Peeler is said to work in both directions and slices thinly, resulting in less work and more food. 

How Titan Peeler Works

Titan Peeler is said to be made from stainless steel and has a Swiss cross on its label; however there is no indication this product is really from Switzerland or has a special kind of steel. Titan Peeler touts a double-edged serrated blade (referred to as “micro blade technology”) which they claim lets you peel either way you move it across the face of your fruit/veggie; they add the teeth help grip even the most delicate skin of a tomato.

Titan Peeler says that if you use its set of 2 peelers you can peel, slice, grate, shave, shred or garnish all manner of fruits vegetables; they add you can even use it to cut the cheese. They state that the built-in garnishing tool lets you turn your slices into decorative works of culinary art (a garnishing guide is included with your order).

Titan Peeler Cost:

$16.99 for one set, which includes Twin Blade Peeler, Julienne Cutter, Slicing Board, and Garnishing Guide (sold as $10 plus $6.99 S&H). However, the default option is for BOGO, meaning they add an additional $6.99 in fees and you get a second set for a total of $23.98. In order to just get one, you need to switch the radio box.

Titan Peeler comes with a 60-day money back guarantee minus any shipping fees; it also comes with a 60-day limited warranty for manufacturers defects as well as a lifetime warranty for the blade itself. However, you must pay an additional $7.99 in fees to cover the return shipping for any damaged or defective product.

Bottom Line: Is Titan Peeler A “Peel” Ing?

We have to admit, we’re mesmerized by the commercial of Titan Peeler which features a parade of fruits, veggies and cheeses being sliced in an instant by a man with a gentle British accent. You probably are too, which is why you are reading this!

The Titan Peeler does seem to do the job it advertises: it has a 4.2 star average on Amazon.com where purchasers praise the ease and speed of this handheld device. The relatively few low ratings complain the blade is sharp and if you’re not careful it can cut you.

Popular Mechanics gave the Titan Peeler a test drive and they said the device performed well slicing the skin of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pineapples, and butternut squash with ease; they found the serrated edge particularly helpful for gripping thin skin. However, they felt the excessive shipping fees made the Titan Peeler too expensive and there were other cheaper options that were good, if not better.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Titan Peeler can most likely be bought without any fees at your local big box retailer in the “As Seen On TV” aisle – more than 90% of sales of these types of products are done at the retail level.

So instead of purchasing at their website, check out your Rite Aid or CVS. Odds are they’ll have it at a better price and you won’t have to deal with any extra fees or additional solicitation their privacy policy allows. 

Let us know your experience with Titan Peeler below!