Thunder Saw from Telebrands claims to be a cutting tool that fits in your hand and will slice through almost anything except your skin. They add Thunder Saw folds up like a switchblade and can be used to cut through steel, wood, plastic, and even concrete yet never needs sharpening.

How Thunder Saw Works

Thunder Saw does indeed look kind of like a switchblade, albeit one with a bright orange handle and It’s not meant for a street fight. They claim the Thunder Saw blade is durable and made from tungsten carbide and never needs sharpening. 

They state you can use Thunder Saw to cut through all kinds of metal including a padlock, wood, PVC plastic, as well as a concrete brick. Even though it’s strong, they claim it won’t cut your skin. 

Thunder Saw Costs:

$27.98 for one Thunder Saw, pitched as $19.99 plus $7.99 plus shipping and handling. You can add another Thunder Saw for $7.99 more in fees, making the total #35.97 for 2.

Telebrands offers a standard “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” with all their products, including Thunder Saw. But this guarantee does not include any shipping or handling fees charged, meaning you’ll only get back $19.99. Plus, you need to include a written explanation with your return, otherwise they could reject it.

Bottom Line: Is Thunder Saw a Scam?

Telebrands claims Thunder Saw is an “Outback inspired” blade, implying that it is from Australia. They use a pitchman named Craig Jones, who uses stereotypical terms like “crikey” and “mate” and speaks with a thick Aussie accent. 

But as far as we can tell, Thunder Saw is not really from “Down Under”; it seems to be a very similar “As Seen On TV” knife as the MXZ Pocket Saw, sold by Emson, Inc. 

While we couldn’t find reviews of Thunder Saw because it is still new, the MXZ Pocket Saw was put through the paces by America Now. They attempted to use the saw, which also claims to have a tungsten carbide blade, to cut through PVC, wood, copper, metal, and finally a cinder block. 

While MXZ quickly cut through the PVC and copper, it had increasing difficulty with the other items and was unable to successfully cut through the cinder block. On Amazon, it has a rating of 2.5 stars, or below average with many complaining it was flimsy and did not last. 

Will Thunder Saw fare the same? Given the current reputation of Telebrands and their products (an F from the BBB and a lawsuit from the State of New Jersey) we’re gonna suggest you might want to find another knife, mate.

Let us know your thoughts about Thunder Saw below!

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