Thin Lizzy is a facial powder that claims to replace 6 other products and will help you get rid of redness, the appearance of acne, and darkness under the eyes. They state just a few strokes across your face and your skin will make you look flawless and they offer you a 30-day free trial and some gifts to get you to try it.

How Thin Lizzy Works

Thin Lizzy is a makeup product originally sold in New Zealand that comes in 2 shades (light and dark) and they claim you can use it on 6 different places on your face: around your eyes, as a blusher, cheek contour, on your lips, as a face framer, and a body bronzer. 

To use Thin Lizzy, they instruct you to dab around the cheeks, lips, eyes, and neck as you see fit. They promise this 6-1 powder will blend perfectly, hiding blemishes and make you look radiant. You should not confuse this product with the 70s Blues/Rock Irish band Thin Lizzy – otherwise you might get a rash.

Thin Lizzy Costs…

$4.99 for the 30-day trial, which includes 2 powder compacts, 2 fiber brushes, 2 eyeliner pencils, 2 lip gloss, instructional guide, and “bonus” concealer. However, the fine print notes that on the 31st day after you bought Thin Lizzy (not when it arrives in the mail) you will be billed $49.99 unless you have returned it.

The Terms and Conditions state that there is a 60-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling; however there are several incomplete sentences that are missing key information. We attempted to contact Thin Lizzy but found only an email address (we’re waiting for a reply).

Bottom Line: Does Thin Lizzy Have a “Bad Reputation”?

Thin Lizzy seems to be a popular product in “Oz” and is attempting to make a splash in the United States. Reviews from overseas are split down the middle, where it averages 2.9 stars from 77 reviews. Those that loved the product claim it worked as good as promised, providing coverage and adding glow. Those that did not like it complained it crumbled in the compact, was too dark and didn’t cover (or it caused) breakouts. 

We did notice, however, that Thin Lizzy representatives appeared to be reaching out to dissatisfied customers, at least through these negative postings, urging them to contact customer service. They often explained that Thin Lizzy is a powder, not a concealer and offered to remedy the situation (the outcome of these interactions are not known). 

We’re not so crazy about the auto-ship program or the fact that there is only an email (

If you are interested in this product, instead of buying online or over the telephone, do what 95% of other people do: buy at a local retail outlet; most As Seen On TV products are available at CVS or similar stores. This will let you at least see it against your skin and save you from dealing with lousy customer service or hidden fees.  

And let us know your experience with Thin Lizzy – did it make you ready for the Nightlife or did you end up looking like the Vagabond of the Western World?