ThighMaster Vibrato is a new version of the “classic” ThighMaster exercise device pitched by actress Suzanne Somers that adds some vibration to it. Suzanne exclaims if you put the ThighMaster Vibrato between your legs and squeeze, you will not only be able to shape and tone your thighs and hips like the original, but the pulsating action will give you an “invigorating” workout.

How ThighMaster Vibrato Works

ThighMaster Vibrato is a resistance-type of device much like the original ThighMaster – it has 2 cushioned butterfly-type arms joined at a base and you squeeze it together between the legs. The “twist” with ThighMaster Vibrato is its vibrating action.

ThighMaster Vibrato promises you can strengthen and tone hard-to-reach muscles of the inner thighs because it has the perfect level of resistance. While you squeeze, you’ll also feel a vibrate-y tingle which they say will add “excitement” to your workout. They add you can also use ThighMaster Vibrato for upper body sculpting.

ThighMaster Vibrato Will Cost You:

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $7.99 free shipping); however, adding a Shimmering Bronzer to your order is selected by default, so unless you change the radio box, you will be charged another $5.99 in fees for a total of $33.97.

ThighMaster Vibrato is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus those shipping/handling fees and what it costs you to send it back.

Bottom Line: Is ThighMaster Vibrato a Great Way To Shape Your Thighs?

ThighMaster Vibrato is one of a series of ThighMaster products, all touted by Ms. Somers that have been very popular amongst women trying to find the best way to shape their legs. The vibrating aspect of this device is added to perhaps “arouse” more interest (much like the UJoy) but doesn’t really change the workout you get.

Remember, Ms. Somers is a paid spokesperson for this product and probably didn’t get her slender figure from using ThighMaster (she also hocks the 3-Way Poncho, which she most likely doesn’t wear). 

But regardless of the celebrity endorsement, the ThighMaster products offer little in the way of the vigorous cardio exercises needed to burn fat and lose weight. While resistance training can work to strengthen muscles, there is only one setting on the ThighMaster Vibrato, so your body will probably adjust to it very quickly. 

In addition, according to the American Council on Exercise, so-called “spot reduction” where you target certain areas of the body for weight loss is a myth. People lose weight all over their body by a combo of good ol’ diet and exercise, not in just one area. So even if your leg muscles do get a bit stronger from ThighMaster Vibrato, you won’t notice them if they’re still buried under a layer of fat.

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