Testo Factor X is a supplement that promises to restore your testosterone levels and will deliver mind-blowing results if used as part of a workout routine. They promise if you take Testo Factor X before you go to the gym you will gain more lean muscle mass, boost endurance and energy, enhance performance, as well as recover more rapidly – and you’ll also have more oomph in the bedroom to boot!

Is my testosterone low?

Testosterone is an essential hormone in our bodies – we need it for muscle mass, bone and hair growth, and even sexual function. Testosterone levels in men decrease 1% per year after age 30 but this is perfectly normal.

In fact, there is a lot of controversy as to what level of testosterone is considered too low. According to Men’s Fitness, the range considered normal is 300 - 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) of blood and the amount we have would barely cover the bottom of a shot glass.

Low-T is the current buzzword in the supplement/pharmaceutical industry, but there is currently no evidence boosting testosterone in those that are not deficient is good for you. Generally speaking, if you are a young man in your 20s who suddenly experiences dramatic changes in your body, mood, or metabolism you may have Low-T and should speak to a doctor. Everyone else likely has the right level of testosterone, so there may be other factors at play that are messing with your mojo.

What’s in Testo Factor X that they claim helps boost testosterone?

Testo Factor X is said to include tribulus terrestris (sometimes called The Devil’s Eyelashes) a weed that grows around Europe, Asia, and Africa that has been used in folk medicine for strength.

Testo Factor X has a link to a study that they claim proves tribulus helps increase muscle mass while lifting weights. However, if you actually take a second to read the study, you’ll see it says: “Supplementation with tribulus does not enhance body composition or exercise performance in resistance-trained males.”

The second study they link to seems to show that 60% of participants had “successful intercourse” after taking tribulus. However, this study was only conducted with 75 people, 30 of which didn’t have erectile dysfunction, and lasted just 3 weeks. 

Tribulus terrestris side effects: WebMD states tribulus supplements are possibly safe but its long-term effects are not known. Pregnant women, those with prostrate problems, diabetics, and those who are undergoing or recently have had surgery should avoid taking tribulus terrestris.

Conclusion: There is no conclusive proof that taking tribulus (or Testo Factor X) will help you max your workout, nor boost your performance in bed. But taking it probably won’t hurt you.

What does it cost for a bottle of Testo Factor X?

Testo Factor X tempts you to try their product with what they call a sample bottle for just $4.97 shipping (or if you attempt to leave or refresh the page it drops to $2.97). But this is obviously not how Testo Factor X makes its money: the fine print below the order page explains after 12 days, you will be charged $139.97 plus $9.97 shipping for the bottle sent and you will be automatically enrolled in their monthly program, sent more Testo Factor X and billed $139.97 plus $9.97 shipping every 30 days. 

Screen shot of Testo Factor X order page

You may have missed this information because it’s so small!

Testo Factor X Refund Information

Testo Factor X customer service: 855-511-2254

In their Terms and Conditions, Testo Factor X says there is no refund for sample bottles or opened bottles. They also state that the 12-day period starts from the date ordered, not when you receive it. 

[However, when we spoke with a customer service representative, we were told it was a 14-day trial (from date of order) and if you call them you can get it extended. In addition, they stated that in order to avoid any charges you would need to ship the opened sample bottle back.]

Since shipping times are not guaranteed (and often purposely delayed for products like this) you will likely have a very small window to cancel before being charged. In addition, Testo Factor X states that most customers don’t see results until they have used the product for 3 months making this trial period essentially useless.

Bottom Line: Is Testo Factor X a good way to boost my exercise routine?

As we’ve pointed out, there is no evidence that tribulus terrestris does anything to increase your muscle mass and little to show it will give a boost in the bedroom. Also, it is not likely your testosterone levels are low for your age. 

Remember: Testo Factor X costs $149.94 per month and the sample bottle trial period will likely expire before you see any results.  

We’ve found that many people enrolled in these sneaky auto-ship programs have a difficult time canceling them and/or getting a refund. 

How to boost your testosterone naturally

If you feel like you would like a little extra testosterone, there’s an easy way to do it: simply exercise! Studies show exerting yourself for just 6 seconds increases testosterone levels, and longer stretches will do even more. (Still it’s unlikely the higher testosterone levels will truly make a difference in your wellbeing.)

If you are having problems with energy or “getting it up,” testosterone is likely not the main culprit. Other important factors affecting our livelihood include: obesity, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, and depression. 

Conclusion: We do not recommend Testo Factor X and instead just concentrate on a healthy diet and exercise plan as recommended by a doctor.

Let us know your experience with Testo Factor X below!

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