Test X180 Ignite from Force Factor is a supplement that claims it will burn fat and build muscle, enhancing your performance in the gym and your libido in the bedroom. They insist Test X180 Ignite will give you a boost of testosterone and enhance the calories you burn, giving you the spark you need to become “more of the man you want to be.”

What’s so great about Test X180 Ignite that will give me my mojo back?

Test X180 Ignite is said to contain Testofen, an extract of fenugreek, a plant used to make a variety of medicines. They also tout it contains EGCG, which comes from green tea. Test X180 also lists Avena Sativa Extract and Horny Goat Weed, two other popular (but unproven) libido boosters. The full listing of ingredients can be found below:

Test X180 Ignite Ingredients

Note that it also lists caffeine (probably about 200 mg).

Test X180 Ignite states that their proprietary formula is different than others because of the inclusion of ECGC to enhance fat burning and the caffeine as an appetite suppressant.

They insist if you take Test X180 Ignite with your regular strength training workouts, you will increase your testosterone, which will “kick start” your libido and boost your performance, as well as give you more focus, energy, and endurance.

Note: Test X180 Ignite does not contain any synthetic testosterone.

Is there any proof Test X180 Ignite will work to increase my testosterone, metabolism, or sex drive?

Not really. As we exposed in our article about testosterone supplements, there is very little proof outside of animal or lab experiments any of the ingredients in Test X180 Ignite will do anything to your testosterone levels, libido, or metabolism.

Testofen/fenugreek does have some possible side effects, including upset stomach, allergic reactions, gas, and making your urine smell like maple syrup. Most of these side effects are mild or temporary for most people, depending on how much you take.

Should I try and increase my testosterone levels?

Again, not really. While testosterone is an essential chemical that makes us “men,” there is a wide discrepancy as to what is considered low. A normal range is said to be 300-1200 (ng/dl) an amount already so small it would barely fog the bottom of a shot glass.

When you exercise, you automatically increase your testosterone levels a bit, but this is only temporary. The ironic thing about boosting your testosterone too much is that it can actually decrease the libido, enhance baldness, and can even cause men to grow breasts – the very things people taking testosterone enhancers likely want to avoid!

What do they charge for a bottle of Test X180 Ignite for me to try?

Test X180 Ignite sells a bottle for $79.99 but if you click the Try a Sample button, they’ll offer you a bottle to try for just 99 cents so long as you pass their “qualification” page (meaning you can fill out a form).

However there is some fine print for this 14-day trial:

  • Test X180 Ignite says your 14 days will start after a 4-day shipping period, giving you a total of 18 days from when you first ordered it. But since shipping times are not guaranteed, you likely will use up at least some of your trial period waiting for Test X180 Ignite to arrive.
  • If you do not call Force Factor customer service at 877-204-3263 before the 18 days are up, they will sign you up for their VIP Membership, which means they will send you a bottle of Test X180 Ignite every month and bill you $79.99 plus $4.99 shipping.

Test X180 Ignite says they offer a money back guarantee for all their products opened or not so long as you contact them for an RMA and the package is received at their facility within 30 days of your purchase. All refunds are also minus shipping and handling fees and what it costs you to send it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Test X180 Ignite a great way to ignite my sex life, build muscle, and burn away fat?

No. First of all, if you are already strength training, good for you. You are already receiving the benefits of increased testosterone levels from exercise; however, this boost is temporary and unlikely to affect your overall health – which is a good thing! Second, there is no concrete evidence fenugreek or any of those other ingredients can help with libido or a more intense workout.

Caffeine, of course, is a popular stimulant but there is conflicting evidence it will have any permanent effect on your weight. Popping a couple pills of Test X180 and having a soda or sports drink loaded with caffeine may be over the recommended maximum of 400 mg per day and could possibly lead to jitters, anxiety, or worse.

We’d also like to remind you of the very short trial period and the fact that any returns have to be RECEIVED by them within 30 days of purchase – this can end up giving you very little time to actually try the product before being billed or unable to return it.

If you ARE having troubles with your sex drive, we do not recommend Test X180 or any pill without first eliminating other factors and/or speaking with your doctor. If you would like to find out the best, safest way to beat erectile dysfunction (aka ED) read this article.

We hope we just saved you a little bit of money and helped you learn a little more about Test X180. Let us know your thoughts below!