Swivel Sweeper Max is a battery-powered sweeper made by Ontel, creators of the original Swivel Sweeper, and they promise it cleans up spilled messes on any type of floor. Swivel Sweeper Max touts its 360 spinning head and “Quad Brush Technology” which they assert allows it to pick up debris from all four sides.

But what’s the difference between the Swivel Sweepers and what are consumers saying about them? These answers and more are answered below. Read on!

The Swivel Sweeper Max Pitch

Swivel Sweeper Max is targeted primarily at women who hate lugging around a big vacuum to keep their house tidy. They tout its lightweight size and ability to get in hard-to-reach areas. To prove how well it works, they show the Swivel Sweeper Max picking up a variety of different items, including pet kibble and long dog hair, with just one push of the unit. In perhaps an attempt to appeal to germaphobes, they claim you can empty the tray by pushing a button and you will never have to touch any yucky dirt.

How Swivel Sweeper Max Works

Swivel Sweeper Max is basically an electric broom measuring 11.6 x 5.8 x 2.7 inches and weighing in at 11.7 ounces. They state the rotating wheels are powered by a rechargeable NIMH battery that works for up to 45 minutes. The rectangular head pivots 360 degrees, which they state lets it go under tables or get into corners. They add it is powered by a 7.2 Volt 20 Watt motor and that its 4 corner rollers spin at 4000 RPM.

The difference between the Swivel Sweeper Max and the original Swivel Sweeper appear to be:

  • The handle doesn’t have a hinge in the middle on the Max; while this was allegedly designed to help you use it under things like tables, there were many complaints that it easily got broken.
  • The RCR Technology, which stands for Removable, Cleanable, Reusable and refers to the spinning brushes, powered by the corner rollers and ostensibly designed to “sweep” up the debris into the unit. Unlike the original Swivel Sweeper, the Max has these spring-loaded brushes that can be pulled out and long hairs and other gunk taken off; it can be washed with water and then put back to use again.
  • While both appear to use the same 7.2 Volt motor, they claim Swivel Sweeper Max has 33% more power.
  • The “touchless” dirt tray lets you clean it with a push of the button. (But you still may need to remove icky hairs from the brushes, as outlined above.)

To use the Swivel Sweeper Max, they instruct you to charge it up and then go to wherever something has spilled. This includes carpet and any type of hard flooring; they promise it will pick up such things as dry pet food bits, soggy veggies, and even dirt. They claim the slim design lets you get under couches or other low furniture and its 4 brushes and 360-pivot allows it to pick up in any direction.

When done, they promise you can empty the dirt tray over the garbage with just a touch and wash the bristle brushes if necessary. They add it has a magnet that lets you fold up the head for even more compact storage.

Swivel Sweeper Max Costs HOW Much…?

As much as $75.17 – this is the default option, which includes 2 Swivel Sweep Maxes which has battery and charger for each and 2 Mini Sweepers, which appear to be a handheld non-battery powered version. This is broken down as:

$19.99 x 2 (for the first Swivel Sweeper Max)

$14.99 shipping and handling for the first one (plus “free” Mini Sweeper)

Unless you uncheck the box, they will add another $14.99 in fees for the second “free” Sweeper Max and Mini Sweeper. There is also a $1 web service fee and taxes, if applicable.

Ontel offers a 60 day return policy, but they’ll keep all those handling fees and you will have to pay to ship it back yourself.

Bottom Line: Is Swivel Sweeper Max a Scam?

Swivel Sweeper and the new(ish) Swivel Sweeper Max both have generally positive ratings from consumers who have purchased them. Many people say they love that they are light and compact and it helps them reach areas that brooms or vacuums have a hard time getting at. Older people with limited mobility have said they like it better than using a heavy vacuum. However, there are a few things we feel we should point out to you about Swivel Sweeper Max:

  • It is not a vacuum, meaning it uses no suction to pick up dirt and debris – it just “sweeps” it into its container.
  • If you’re not careful, you cold end up paying $75 for 2.
  • Ontel Products has a C rating from the BBB primarily due to complaints about poor product performance; as of Sept 2014 there were 40 in the last 12 months.
  • The biggest complaint about Swivel Sweeper Max is that many people say the battery doesn’t last.
  • Other issues include the handle breaking and that it seems to push dirt and debris away, not pick it up.
  • Some have remarked that it doesn’t pick up pet hair or work on hardwood floors.

We suggest if you are interested in this product to purchase from a “big box” retailer because returns will be easier and they don’t charge excessive shipping handling or trick you into buying 2.