Swivel Brite is a small circular LED-lighted magnifying mirror that they state attaches to your regular mirror so you can see more clearly. Swivel Bright claims to offer 5x the magnification, will light up your face with 6 built-in LEDs, and swivels 360 degrees so it will allow you to put on makeup, put in contacts, or pluck stray hairs with greater accuracy.

How does Swivel Brite work to help me put on my makeup?

Swivel Brite is a round plastic mirror with a suction base whose dimensions are unknown (we called customer service and because the product was so new they didn’t have any further information). Around the perimeter of Swivel Brite’s mirror is 6 LEDs, which they state are extremely bright, but again they provide no wattage information. And while they state Swivel Brite is cordless, they don’t say what kind of batteries it takes.

To use Swivel Brite, they instruct you to first stick on the suction mount to your main mirror. Then, attach the Swivel Brite magnifying mirror, turn on the LEDs and adjust the angle so you can see. They boast Swivel Brite will give you 5x the clarity, allowing you to even see peach fuzz, so you can easily get through your morning routine. They add men can use it for shaving or plucking stray hairs, too.

What’s Swivel Brite going to cost me to use in my bathroom?

Swivel Brite promises a “buy one get one” offer on their website and infomercial, which they state is $14.95 plus shipping. BUT they charge $6.95 fee for both the first and second Swivel Brite, meaning you’ll pay $13.90 on top of the initial price making the true total $28.85 for 2.

Swivel Brite Refund Information

Swivel Brite is said to be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus those shipping and handling fees, and what it costs you to send it back.

Swivel Brite Customer Service: (877) 300-5499

Bottom Line: Is Swivel Brite a good way to see what I’m doing when applying makeup?

A small, lighted magnifying mirror can indeed be handy when doing delicate things like plucking eyebrows or putting on eyeliner so we can see why Swivel Brite seems to be tempting. But we should remind you:

  • They don’t say how big Swivel Brite is
  • Don’t don’t say what kind battery Swivel Brite uses
  • They don’t say how “brite” Swivel Brite is
  • Even if you return Swivel Brite, they will still keep $13.90 in fees (and you have to pay to ship it back)
  • There are no customer reviews of Swivel Brite

Because of this general lack of information about Swivel Brite, we do not recommend you buy it from the website.

Swivel Brite Alternatives

A suction-mounted battery-operated swiveling magnifying mirror hardly a new concept. We found an 8-inch makeup mirror with 10x magnification (but no light) that has a 4.5 star rating for $14.99.

We also found a Jerdon JSC5 9-Inch 5X Magnification Suction Mirror with LEDs for $14.99 that also gets good reviews; however, one customer noted that the 5x magnification wasn’t strong enough to really help and prefers one that is 15x for hair removal.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Swivel Brite. Let us know your experience – did it help you pluck your hair or did it leave you in the DARK?