Swirlio is a machine that says it turns ordinary frozen fruit into soft-serve dessert in seconds. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be just an expensive food processor with an Italian-sounding name.

Swirlio is sold under the “Big Boss” moniker, which are marketed by Emson, a NYC-based company that has hundreds of products in its arsenal. (These include the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer and XHose, to give you some idea of who you are dealing with.)

The Swirlio Pitch

Swirlio is trying to appeal to moms looking for a healthier snack for their ice-cream-loving families. They show you colorful frozen fruits spiraling from the machine and tout the fact there is no sugar added, these fruit items are “healthy”, and are “packed with vitamins”. They claim the dessert possibilities are endless and it will satisfy your family’s cravings.

How Swirlio Works

Swirlio looks like a machine you might see in a candy or frozen yogurt store: it’s colorful, tall, and has a large bowl unit on top. The “secret” to Swirlio they say is its unique design and “swirling” action. What this translates to is: Swirlio blends your frozen fruits into a smoothie-like slurry and pushes it through a ridged funnel to make it look like soft-serve.

What Swirlio Doesn’t Do

Make ice cream, soft serve, or frozen yogurt. There is no freezing or churning mechanism in Swirlio. You must use fruits that have already been frozen.

Each Swirlio Order includes:

  • Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker
  • 50 page recipe book
  • Topping dispenser
  • 4 serving bowls
  • Free shipping

Swirlio Costs:

3 payments of $19.99 or one payment of $59.97. Shipping is included free. Swirlio comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You will get a full refund if returned in that time (minus what it costs you to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Swirlio a Scam?

If you have a blender, Swirlio is not a machine you need. Sure, it might make frozen fruit look a little more like soft serve, but it won’t have any more creamy goodness than a regular smoothie. We’re all for healthier eating habits, but at almost $60, it’s pretty expensive for a one-trick pony.