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Dec 4, 2015 | | New South Wales, Australia

This product is useless. If anything, it blunted my knifes and to send them back would cost me more than it's worth.

They knew it was garbage when they put it out

Nov 28, 2015 | | Florida

This is the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. They should be ashamed of themselves for thinking this was a great idea, but I don't fault them they were just trying anything to make a dollar.

Nice Product

Nov 24, 2015 | | Brooklyn, NY

I bought this product on a hunch from Walgreens, it does a fantastic job.

Total crap

Nov 5, 2015 | | North Carolina

The motor is complete crap. Not enough power. As soon as you put any amount of pressure, the motor bogs down.

Would not recommend at all

Nov 5, 2015 | | Latrobe, Tasmani, Australia

This product did not work. Not powerful enough to do anything. I am waiting on a refund after the customer service number they give you to ring absolutely harass you. I told them it did not work and was advised to give it to someone as a gift. Hello? Wrote a letter to them to advise them of a disgusting product and also about false advertising.

Do not, I repeat do not buy.

Oct 31, 2015 | | Miami, FL

This product is complete garbage! The only thing worse is the process that they make you go through to receive your money back. In some cases the company tires you out until you give up. This all goes back to you get what you pay for, walk away slowly, no better yet RUN!

Junk, do not buy.

Oct 29, 2015 | | MI

With the best batteries you still do not have enough power to sharpen. Made my scissors duller than they where.

Would not recommend to anyone

Oct 16, 2015 | | Clear Water, WI

I notice that there are no instructions for battery installation and the lid on the battery compartment for the vertically placed batteries is confusing with only plus mark and minus marks on the lid. Those marks are not easy to see either. So does one put the batteries in with the plus side up or down? Get it wrong and you will have a fire, and without ever turning the unit on or hitting the power button. Mine failed to work either way the batteries were placed and when I changed them around the unit got so hot it began melting the plastic.

Review says that 16 out of 17 found it helpful, but that's wrong.

Oct 9, 2015 | | Monticello, IN

I am trying to sharpen a knife that has to be sharpened on both sides of the blade. This is impossible with this sharpener. I hope you read this post. I do not recommend this.


This junk doesn't work

Oct 5, 2015 | | Ohio

This is a total piece of junk. The motor bogs out and doesn't sharpen for nothing. Total junk and total rip off.

Bottom of rice bowl does a better job

Sep 26, 2015 | | Antioch, CA

I was so excited to get this from the infomercial. Is this product sounded like it was eating my knives. It's a piece of crap. My knives are duller than before I sharpened them with this product.

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